How to choose the right backsplash to go with your granite countertops

Jazzy, neutral or loud: What is your style? Your kitchen backsplash can reflect your personality. With endless possibilities of colors and materials, it becomes difficult to select the best backsplash to go with your kitchen countertop.

Matching colors

You can get an uniform color by matching the backsplash tile with the color of the countertop. For example, cream, brown or gray tile complements well with granite countertops and small appliances. Accessories in different colors like red, black that contrast with the tile is a good option. Matching the backsplash with the countertop creates a simple, versatile and well-balanced backdrop.

Contrasting colors

Opt for contrasting colors to create a visually appealing kitchen space. Think of the overall color in the kitchen like flooring, accessories, appliances, window fixtures before deciding the backsplash color. A subway tile backsplash with dark granite countertop is a classic choice. It gives an eternal vibe. To keep the color combination look fresh, a bright splash of paint color on the walls and cabinets can make the kitchen look funky. If you have a white kitchen and a dark countertop, try black subway tile stacked in a traditional pattern. The plan should be to form a harmonious and well-coordinated kitchen space.

Synchronizing colors

You can opt for a backsplash color that matches with a particular hue on the countertop. A soft gray  backsplash against a charcoal colored countertop with light gray flecks can be quite striking. Before installing, hold the backsplash tile sample against the countertop to see which ones are attractive. The colors can vary in  the morning light and evening, so try to view it at both the times. 

Mosaic Colors

Backsplash colors need not be of an uniform color, one can have a mix and match too. If you choose a tile color same as the color of your countertop, you can add another tile color to match the other elements in the kitchen. The backsplash tile placed in a stacked design and a mix of warm colors and natural materials can make the kitchen look inviting. Mosaic tiles installed in a stacked pattern complement a light color granite countertop well.

Before buying a backsplash, take a sample of it and match it against your countertop. There are different types of materials available for kitchen backsplashes, but the best materials include granite, marble, glass and ceramic tiles. If you are still unsure, contact a backsplash expert to help you select the right backsplash for your granite countertop.

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