How To Defend Second Degree Assault?

If you want to deal with second degree assault, the first thing you need to do is hire an expert second degree assault attorney. Dealing with assault charges, whether first or second degree can be very daunting and troublesome. However, you will need to hire a first degree assault attorney to deal with first degree assault and second degree assault attorney for second degree assault.

What Is Second Degree Assault?

There are various types of assaults and they are categorized into first and second types. The second degree assault falls in to the C class and is considered the less severe type of crime. Basically, second degree assault is the type of crime in which one person harms the other person. The inflicted harm is 100% intended. However, second degree assault does not include the use of any dangerous weapon or tool.

Charges On Second Degree Assault

The charges on second degree assault are much different that the first degree assault. A first degree assault attorney will help you deal with the first degree charges and similarly you will need to hire an attorney to recognize the second degree assault charges. To defend the charges, you need to first understand what the charges for second degree assault will be.

  1. Amount of Harm/Damage Inflicted

The level of damage or harm that is inflicted in the second case assault is much lower than first degree assault. There are three categorizations for the damage.

  • Threatening someone to scare them
  • Attempting violence but failing to do so
  • Attacking the other person successfully with hand or force

Moreover, it does not include any use of weapon or tool for inflicting damage or harm on the other person.

  1. Class Category

To defend the assault case in the courtroom, you need to know which category that assault falls under. The second degree assault is basically filed in court under the class C crime.

How to defend second degree assault?

Here are a few things that you need to know if you are planning to defend second degree assault charges in the court.

  • Self-Defense

The first way to defend second degree assault is going down the self-defense route. This is when you can prove by evidence to the court that the victim in fact provoked you or was equally aggressive during the entire scenario. Provocation to attack is not sentenced.

  • Alibi

This is evidence or witness that you can provide to the courtroom judges or jury to prove that you were in fact not present at the crime scene when the violence incident took place. Absence of the convicted from the crime scene is enough to prove innocence and not guilty.

Never Delay To Hire Second Degree Assault Lawyer

The one thing that should strongly be done when defending a second degree assault case is that you should hire a second degree assault attorney rockville right away. The complexities of assault cases can only be understood and dealt professional by an expert eye.

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