Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Domestic Violence Lawyer

A domestic violence lawyer can render a professional assistance to people who want to save themselves from the harsh effects of domestic violence.

When you speak of domestic violence, this refers to the abusive pattern committed by a person to another whom the abuser lives with. Physical harm can, but doesn’t always, take place. There are many instances when it is more about other behaviors like harassment, stalking or making physical threats. This usually involves married couples although it can also happen in other kinds of relationships.

The harm can leave the victim with emotional distress and bodily trauma, which include depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Violence in home can never be warranted. Domestic violence attorneys can help the injured party in preparing to leave and seeking protection from any further harm. However, the life of the abused as well as those of his or her loved ones may be put at stake, it is a must for injured parties to know exactly how these lawyers can be of help. Below are some of the questions you can ask to get the answers needed to decide who you will hire to help you out.

What Scope of Representation Will You Provide?

There are lots of things that can be done to guarantee that the injured parties and their loved ones will be protected from their abusers. Domestic violence attorneys can represent the victims in requesting the restraining order and in the following court proceedings. Also, they can also help the victims in getting a divorce, use of family home, property partition and custody of children, when the parties were married. The attorney can also help ensure that the abuser will be prosecuted in criminal suit and in securing income, food assistance and housing. Remember, however that not all attorneys will be able to do everything. Victims must clearly understand what their attorneys are going to help them with and for what instances extra assistance will be required.

How Much is It Going to Cost You?

Hiring a lawyer can be quite expensive. There will always be costs that come with filing court documents and getting evidence to use in victim representation. Some lawyers charge per hour. Others can also charge a flat fee. There are also some which offer pro bono services, which mean that they offer services for fee or at lesser cost. The victim must have a clear understanding of the billing methods and what services will be covered by that billed amount.

How About Communication?

Openness and confidentially are important in any abuse case. You must feel comfortable telling your attorney every detail which might be relevant and your attorney must be trustworthy enough for keeping the confidentiality of sensitive information. Your domestic violence attorney should address all concerns you have with communication, work side by side with you to guarantee your safety and advise you on how frequent he will call you with updates on your case.

Just like when hiring second degree assault attorney rockville, it is important to know as much as you can about the lawyer you will hire to help you with your domestic violence case.

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