What Do You Need To Know About Second Degree Assault?

Every country has a legal system that is important to ensure that the peace of the nation is maintained in the long run. Crime is however, prevalent in all societies and it needs to be controlled by the presence of a just, fair and strong law.  There are basically three degrees yet we will only be talking about the second type. We will also briefly discuss the role of a second degree assault attorney. Depending on the nature of crimes, they are divided into many sub-divisions. The extreme crimes are known as ‘degrees’ in law and in this article, we are concerned with talking about one particular degree – the 2nd degree.

What Is Second Degree Assault?

The second degree of assault falls in the class C category. It is considered to be a crime in which a person causes physical harm to another person. The harm caused is 100% intentional and deliberate. Moreover, the use of a deadly equipment, tool or weapon is also common in second degree of assault.

It is not possible to understand the complexities and details of law without the assistance of a professional second degree assault attorney. Therefore, if you are stuck in such a case or want to explore more about it – the best idea is to get in touch with a professional near you. He will be surely able to guide you in the best possible way.

Differences Between First & Second Degree Assault

It is very important to recognize and acknowledge the difference between first and second degree of assault. The first degree assault also involves use of deadly weapons to inflict physical harm on others; just like the second degree assault. So how does law differentiate the two degrees? Let’s have a look.

  1. Harm/Damage Inflicted

The basic difference between the two degrees is the amount of damage caused on the attacked person. Second degree assault results in serious physical injuries and damages. However, it is never fatal and does not result in the death of the other person.

  1. Class Categorization

Another basic underlying difference is the categorization of each degree into classes. The first degree assault is classified as Class B felony and second degree as the Class C felony.

  1. Assault Attorney

Moreover, another highlight difference is that the second degree assault cases can easily be dealt by a domestic violence lawyer. The same is not true for the 1st degree though which needs to be taken charge only by a professional criminal 1st degree who is prepared to tackle the worst case scenarios.

Hiring A Domestic Violence Lawyer

A second degree assault attorney is also known as the domestic violence lawyer rockville. The second degree assault is surely an infringement but the punishment is not as severe as one might think it is. The maximum sentence for this degree crime is 10 years in jail. The maximum fine charged to the guilty is also no more than 2500 US dollars.

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