8 Valuable Grease Trap Maintenance Tips

A grease trap prevents the grease and other solid wastes from entering into the water disposal system and is an important part of a kitchen. Grease trap maintenance is a bit difficult and thus people go for the grease trap cleaning services to keep the area clean. Here we have some grease trap maintenance tips for you so the task gets easier and smoother.

Grease Trap Maintenance Tips

 Grease trap maintenance is an important practice in kitchens especially the commercial ones so that a safe and clean work environment is maintained. Following are some important tips regarding the grease trap maintenance:

 Check for Proper Installation

The first step is to check if the grease trap is properly installed. It is important to make sure that there is a garbage disposal installed below the grease trap and not above it. If the garbage disposal is installed above the grease trap,it can fill the grease trap with ground food sludge and stop it from functioning properly. Improper installation can lead to many problems and can lead to permanent damage of the grease trap or the drainage system. Also, make sure that the grease trap is of proper size according to the daily use of utensils and the amount of food cooked in the kitchen.

Look for Grease in the Trap:

After some days of use, look for grease in the grease trap. If there is no or little grease trapped there, you should know that it is not properly installed and the grease is going down. No build-up of grease in the grease trap is an indication that it isn’t working properly. Also, if you notice grease pooling at any other location than the grease trap, there must be a leakage. You can get help from the drain cleaning companies to solve the issue.

Install Strainers

Another important tip is to install strainers in the dishwashers and sinks to prevent the solid things from entering into grease trap or drainage system. This tip will prevent the grease trap from being permanently damaged. Also, scrape as much solid particles and food as possible into the trash so that it doesn’t reach the garbage disposal. When the solid items accumulate at the garbage disposal, there is a chance that they may slip down to the bottom.

Avoid Using Chemicals

Using strong chemicals such as drain cleaners and bleach can damage the grease trap and pipes so it’s better to avoid them. These chemicals can also release harmful germs into the water supply. Most of the chemical products don’t breakdown the grease, instead they just separate them from water and this causes clogging of the drainage pipes when the solution flows down.

Never Pour Grease Directly into the Grease Trap

Do not pour grease directly in the drain as it can clog the pipe. You can pour grease in a separate container that is made up of metal as the plastic ones can melt if the grease is hot. Grain trap cleaning services also include collection of excess grease from the trap.

Be Consistent with Cleaning

Pumping the grease trap on a regular basis is very important. Professional drain cleaning companies will determine the frequency for cleaning the trap. However, a rule for cleaning the grease trap is that it should be cleaned when it is ¼ filled with FOGS (Fats, Oils,Grease, Solids). If the grease trap is completely full, it won’t function properly and cleaning it will be difficult too.

Use Line Jetting Method

Line jetting is a professional and effective method of cleaning the pipes and the drainage system. Drain cleaning companies do this as a part of grease trap maintenance. A plumber uses a powerful jet. The jet is inserted into the line and with sheer force of it, a grease trap is cleaned.

Hire a Drain Cleaning Professional

Hiring professional grease trap cleaning services manhattan ny is very helpful. These companies have experience regarding grease trap maintenance and they know how to use the right tools for cleaning. DIY methods are only good for non-commercial kitchens because the grease traps don’t need much maintenance there. However, grease traps in the commercial kitchens should be cleaned and maintained by a professional.

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