A Quick Walk through Child/Parental Relocation

The question about child relocation is very complex and difficult after divorce. However, all your parenting plans that take care of parental relocation should maintain the same kind of residential parental responsibilities that were exercised before separation. Hiring the best divorce lawyer is important. This is an interesting move that can be terribly challenging at times. Shared and equal parenting is necessary when parents live apart and especially when elderly children are involved. Meanwhile, the continuity and stability of the child’s life should be taken into consideration during the move. After all, the relationship between parents can have a mighty impact on the child’s development and future. Recent studies reveal that children of divorce feel better and fare well when their parents live nearby.

The Emotional Adjustment

Braver quoted in one of his research papers that 500+ college students live with separated parents. These students experience lots of relocation and can be classed into various groups. Some kids have parents who live less than a drive away. On the other hand, some kids should wait many weeks before they meet one of his/her parents! This affects the child’s emotional and psychological adjustment. In fact, their health status deteriorates with time. These are few factors that should be considered during child/parental relocation. Some kids see drastic changes in their lifestyle and lead very dissatisfied lives!

Empirical and theoretical research papers clearly prove that relocation has a massive impact on children. It disrupts the child’s and parent’s relationship. This can turn into adverse reactions and consequences in the little one. Younger children face disruptions in attraction consolidation and even formation. They face the most during relocation. And, these consequences have long term effects.

Getting Help of divorce attorney

When it comes to child/parental relocation, decisions should be made with lots of care. It is wise to hire attorney for divorce fairfax cases. These professionals will make sure your issues are dealt properly. First of all, if your child has to be relocated, they will be equipped with sound language and cognitive skills. This will help them handle long-distance relationships. As your child grows, they will need different developmental needs. These needs should be met by both the parents.

Parenting plans should keep these developmental needs in focus. Communication between the child and his/her parents should be frequent. And, co-parenting from different locations requires lots of flexibility and creativity. Parents must get used to mobile technologies and web cameras!

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