How Septic System Works And When It’s Time For Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic cleaning is one of the things that are easily overlooked in a household. Just like every other thing or tool that requires cleaning, septic system also has its hygienic conditions by a professional rooter service company.

Working of Septic System

Septic system works in a very easy manner. However, the methods of today are definitely different than those of before. Let’s discuss its working method step by step:

  1. When you use water from anywhere in the house then eventually it accumulates through the pipes and is dumped together in one huge space we normally refer to as septic system.
  2. The water since appears from different places then it can be easily assumed that it contains many substances other than just plain liquid i.e. feces, hair, toilet paper etc. from the washrooms, food particles, greasiness, oils etc. from the kitchens.
  3. Hence when all these substances along with water mix up then before going to the septic tank, the waste is separated through a barrel or a small partition which allows the water to pass through. Some waste eventually find their way inside the tank but majority stay put. This is the difference between an old septic tank and a new one. The old ones didn’t have a barrel.
  4. The waste left at the bottom of the entire tank is called sludge which forms a layer on the tank floor while the water accumulates in another compartment through barrel and remains grey.
  5. Then the rooter service cleans out the entire thing by removing every single waste and remains of grey water.

Septic Tank Cleaning

According to the rooter services, septic cleaning should be done every now and then depending upon the usage of water in your homes.

Water usage of a normal family living in a house is less than the time compared when guests are over. So cleaning of the septic tank should be favored after a heavy usage of water in the household.

On the other hand, many states allow septic cleaning after every year. While some like Minnesota requires septic cleaning after every two months.

The cleaning schedule differs state by state. Some also encourage you for a clean out so as to earn extra dollars. However, if the services are to be agreed upon then septic tanks must be cleaned after water usage has been increased to maximum which could be after a week or month or a year.

However, for the sake of cleanliness and safe hygiene, it is advised to have your septic tanks cleaned out every year. If you cannot manage to clean every couple of months then a yearly schedule must be noted. If you continue delaying, then there is a chance water might start accumulating in your backyards or house itself!

Final Verdict

Hence from above all we conclude that, septic tanks take a long time to be filled with extremely dirty contents. If there isn’t a problem in your pipes, then the cleaning of a septic tank can be avoided. But if there is then clean after a few months, a yearly schedule wouldn’t hurt as well rather it will be economical but the rooter services Manhattan will definitely disagree with you on that point!

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