Some common sleeping disorders that can be found in children

Sleep disorder in kids is a common issue and as per the estimation there are more than 30% of kids suffering from sleep disorder. Proper sleeping is one of the important facts to lead a good and healthy life, and when we talk about kids then this is extremely important to get sound and enough sleep. Poor sleep or lack of proper amount of sleep could impact on the mental health of your kid, their education and their other activity. Good sleep is one of the vital parts of the childhood development of your children.

According to the report of the National Sleep Foundation, there are more than two-thirds of kids in America suffer from sleeping disorder. But the problem is that, children cannot understand the problem. So, this is extremely important for the parents to recognize the main symptoms of sleeping disorder in their kids.

Common sleeps disorders which usually occur among the children:

  1. Sleep deprivation: In accordance with the age of a child, proper amount of sleep is extremely essential. However, many times, children in their childhood don’t get required amount of sleep which is called sleep deprivation issue.
  2. Sleepwalking– There is lots of children who have the tendency to walk during the sleep. There is nothing to worry about; you have to make your kid aware about the problem. It will make them more conscious, by which they can avoid the situation perfectly.
  3. Separation anxiety-Once you have shifted your child in to a new room, he or she tends to suffer separation anxiety which can lead the sleeplessness. Means, your kid cannot overcome the fact like he or she ought to sleep without his parents. This fact leads sleeplessness. It generally needs sometime to overcome this type of anxiety.

Diagnosing Sleep Problems

Most of the sleep disorders suffered by kids are usually diagnosed by the sleep apnea doctor or sleep specialist or pediatrician. To get the proper treatment, most of the parents start visiting their sleep specialist or pediatrician or sleep disorder clinic near me.  After seeing a doctor or visiting a clinic, you need to discuss each and every fact about your sleeping troubles with your doctor so that your sleep doctor can understand the problem properly. In the clinic, various types of blood test can also be done to identify the problem, and according to that your doctor will start the treatment.

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