Tips for installing new counter tops in kitchen or bathroom

It is not a simple or easy matter to purchase and install new counter tops in your bathroom or kitchen or any other room.  Installing befitting counter tops with the help of granite countertop contractors in your rooms according to the necessity will definitely improve the appeal and value of your house, no doubt. It is an overwhelming and expensive process to purchase the required countertop and get it installed. It will become more tedious if there is nobody to guide and instruct you in this critical situation. The tips I am going to give in this article will make the matter simple and easy.

Ask to show full sized granite slabs

As granite is a natural stone, it can have widely varying colors and veining patterns.  Often these variations cannot be seen on a small piece of granite. So ask granite countertop installers to show full size slabs so that you can understand exactly what are the design and what are the patterns of the granite slab you are going to buy. It will also be good, if you can tell , granite contractors to show how they look like when they are laid over the counter so that you can visualize which  parts of the slab will be visible. Also you can see how the seaming will come in pattern when they are joined together as part of laying them.

Be careful about the prices

If some company offers granite slabs at very low prices then one has to understand that that company is not having adequate insurance or overhead expenses. This shows the company is not well grown and it will be disastrous if you entrust your countertop work to them. Similarly some granite countertop installers Chantilly, VA may charge extra for sink cutting and other similar work although they have given an initial quote. This type of cheating has to be avoided. So when you get a quote make sure that they are all inclusive and no hidden charges will come at a later stage.

Hire the most reliable company

It will always be better if you can hire a company which has its own fabrication unit and installation unit. Some companies that does not have such facilities get those works done on sub contract. This will give you knowledge about the type of people who are going to enter your house for carrying out the work. If the work is done under sub contract, you may not be able to know what type of workers are going to enter your house and what type of problems will be created by them.

Ask for remnants if needed

In the course of the installation if you feels a small piece of granite could do a little bit of counter top for your private purpose, you can ask the contractor whether there are any remnants available with him.  Using such remnants can save you from huge burden of spending more money to make a small dream of you to get fulfilled. Marble top for your personal tool kit is one such occasion where you can go for remnants.

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