What is hydro jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method used for cleaning inner walls of sewage pipes by jet vac services. Most house owners like it very much due to many reasons. Some such reasons are explained here.

Benefits of hiring jet vac services

Best cleaning action:  According to sewer and drain specialists hydrojetting allows thorough cleaning of the inner walls of sewage pipes and helps to get rid of all kinds of dirt and congestants like mineral collection, grease, and other accumulated deposits. This helps the sewer lines to remain free from congestants and obstructions  for a long period. The high pressure produced in the hydro jet is powerful enough to get rid of any kind of dirt from the inside of the pipe..

Fast results: High water pressure is made use of cleaning the inside of the sewer pipes and other drain lines. Annoying clogs are removed immediately by using this type of cleaning. This saves much time and money and technicians will have to spend only little time for this type of cleaning.  In short hydro jetting is very helpful to the house owner as it removes all the dirt very fast with lesser expenditure.

Eco-friendly: As no chemicals are used in this method this is very eco-friendly also. Though chemicals can work less effectively, it can cause damage to the sewer lines when it is used repeatedly. In this case instead of chemicals high hydraulic power is used for removing the dirt sticking in the inside of the pipes.

No digging: Sometimes it will be required to open the drains for removing the clogging.  For this professionals will be required to dig the land without causing any damage to the lines.  But in the case of hydro getting no digging is required. In this case only the nozzle needs to be placed inside the clogged sewer line where it is seen above the ground. Now need to dig all over the area and make the entire line visible.

Common mistakes during hydro jetting

Sewer repair professionals are of the opinion that the house owners usually make mistakes while using the jet services, though they have often created many repercussions. Some of the common mistakes are explained below so that you can be very careful when engaging professionals for carrying out hydro jetting.

Non inspection of sewer lines with camera: Before starting the hydro jetting procedure, it will be good if the inside of the sewer lines are inspected with a camera to ascertain the degree of the clogging and the type of clogging and the location of clogging. This will help you to use the hydro jetting process accurately.  If the pipes are severely damaged, then hydro jetting can lead to breaking of the sewer lines as they are weak to withstand the heavy pressure of hydro jetting. If they are not severely damaged you can proceed with hydro jetting. After completing the process you need to inspect again with camera to ascertain that the entire clog has completely been removed.

Hiring and inexperienced technician: Most often house owners tend to engage some new comers for hydrojetting process thinking that it is not that very important. This is a completely wrong attitude. Always engage experienced technicians for hydrojetting from some well known drain contractors ny as this is not a child’s play.

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