What to Know about Variable Voltage Vape Batteries

There are basically two primary categories of 510 threaded batteries and these include fixed voltage and variable voltage 510 batteries. The vape pen battery’s voltage controls the temperature at which you’re heating your concentrates. If you’re serious about vapor, you should purchase a variable voltage 510 threaded battery.

Reasons to Buy a Variable Voltage 510 Threaded Battery

Being able to control the temperature at which you’re heating your concentrate makes a big difference. If you have low temperature battery and thicker liquid, you’ll find every pull is weaker and can be difficult to pull. If you have a high temperature battery and thinner liquid, you’ll end up burning the delicate oil.

Another main reason why it’s good to buy 510 threaded battery with variable voltage is changing the environments. The liquid’s thickness may differ passed on the environment. During winter, bring vape pen outdoors. It will need a higher heat level than the same oil would need in summer time.

How to Use Variable Voltage 510 Threaded Battery

Majority of variable voltage vape pen batteries would come with an off or on button that would control the setting of the voltage. Usually, the button requires five rapid presses to turn vape pen batteries on or off and 2 presses to change voltage.

You would want to read the instructions on a particular brand pen as such setting may sometimes change. The range of voltage that people typically see is 2.4V for low temperature, 3.2V for high temperature, and 2.8V for medium temperature settings. Many variable voltage vape pens would change the LED’s color passed on the temperature setting, which is a good feature to make sure that you know always which setting you’re using.

It is recommended that you start with 510 vape pen battery on lowest possible temperature. There are vape pens with high setting up to 6V that can quickly fry the coil on the best available 510 thread tanks.

Is eGo the Same with 510 Thread Battery?

Once you match and mix batteries and atomizers, you would always want to ensure that you’re getting 2 compatible devices. Knowing a bit about vaporizer threading may help you become a happy shopper. When shopping for a vaporizer, there are numerous types of parts and vaporizers, which include eGo thread, 601 thread, and 510 thread.

Understanding the difference of such thread types may come in handy. 510 and eGo are the thread types that are used on several vaporizers. eGo may accept both 510 and eGo devices since the eGo thread’s inside is actually a 510 threaded battery. You may put any 510 or eGo device on any eGo battery.

However, it is important to remember that you can’t put every eGo device into 510 batteries. In other cases, you may screw on eGo to 510 device, but it does not always work. Oftentimes, it’s underpowered. There are some adapters for 510 to eGo to make the process much easier, but it’s for devices or Mods that may handle eGo cartomizer.

If you’re purchasing a vape pen atomizer and 510 threaded battery that is not packed together, check to ensure that you have an atomizer that would fit your battery’s thread. This will surely save you from lots of frustrations.

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