When To Call Drain Cleaning Services?

Drain pipes and drains require cleaning on a regular basis and that’s why there are drain cleaning contractors and sewer cleaning services that are available to us. In the case of emergency, plumbing problems can be very worrying. Sometimes you don’t know if your drains have leakages or not so here are some signs that you should look out for and call the sewer cleaning services

Slow Drainage

If you ever feel like the water is not sucking into the drain as fast as it should, there is a symptom of blockage or clogging in your drains. Clogging forms very slowly over time as the waste gets stuck into the drain pipes blocking the flow of the water. As time passes by and this is not treated, the clog will get bigger and will cause more obstruction in the flow of water eventually blocking the whole pipe. If anything of sorts occurs, calling a professional sewer cleaning service is your best bet.

Water Backup

As mentioned earlier, the wastage builds up in your drain pipes over time and it continues to grow if it is not treated. When the clog is so bad that it doesn’t allow any more water to pass through, it causes overflow. Overflowing of water can cause problems in your household whether it’s in a tapped pipe or the main water line pipes. Water damage is imminent if the clog isn’t removed before its completed and it’s even harder and a long process to remove and install a new pipe.

Unpleasant Smell in Your House

If you are noticing a foul smell in your house much like an open sewer, that’s probably coming from your drains because of the clogging. Mostly small scale issues involve building up of different types of wastage being stuck in kitchen pipe clogging causing a foul smell. This can be removed by pouring hot, boiling water through the drain. A bigger problem involves if the clog is bad and there is still smell coming out of your drains.

This is because that the sewer gas can rise up to your drains and cause unpleasant smell in your house. Call a sewer cleaning service at once and ask them to remove the smell and the clogging. There is a possibility of a bigger problem in your sewage system which may require more drain cleaning contractors and a big team to clear out the mess.

Dirty/Colored Water

Water tends to be cleaner the more it is clearer. If there is no clear water flowing in your house’s sinks then there might be a problem in your main water pipelines. Cloudy or colored water is a sign of impurities being mixed in your water and that the water is not clean or safe. Brown or yellowish water means there is an impurity of iron in your water from the pipes. Green or blue water means the copper impurity and that the pipes have corroded from the inside and needs to be changed. You should immediately hire a professional drain cleaning contractor to look into the issue. Make sure to turn off the main line of water so that no more water can be wasted.

Water Puddles

Water puddles are by far the costliest plumbing issue there is. Water puddling around the toilet, seeping through walls or dripping from the ceiling are the signs that there is clogging around your water pipes. Leaves, twigs, and trash in your backyard can cause clogging in your drain pipes as well causing the water to pool in your backyard, damaging the aesthetic and the backyard itself. The standing water outside your house can be a home to pests like mosquitos and infect you with diseases like malaria.

Annual Checking of the Drains

It is better to have your drains checked annually by drain cleaning services even if you haven’t experienced any problems regarding the drains. Having them checked once a year by professional promises to have a more efficient and frequent experience of the drain systems. Drains might be getting clogged and it’s good to stop them then and there before they can cause any troubles.

Sewer cleaning services NY provide you with excellent professionals so don’t hesitate to call them if an issue of the sort occurs.

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