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What You Should Know About Chimney Inspection

The best part about winters is sitting in front of the flaming fireplace under a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate. Seems perfect doesn’t it? But don’t you find it scary to burn a fire inside your home? No right? Because you know that a fireplace and chimney is made up of fire resistant materials and is perfectly safe. But what if you get to know that a chimney can actually get very dangerous if you don’t do chimney inspection and cleaning regularly. When Can A Chimney Get Dangerous? Chimney and fireplace can get very dangerous when it is…Read more

Why Maintenance of Chimney is so important?

When it comes to chimney relining, it is nothing but making sure that the chimney is in the best of shapes. It basically involves the overall maintenance of the chimney. Due to continuous usage, over a period of time, the chimneys are bound to show signs of wears and tears. There would be invariably blockages on the interior of the chimney which occurs as the sediments which are carried by the gas and hot air generated by the fire keeps on depositing on the wall. Over a period of time, the chimney gets blocked completely and that can ignite…Read more