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Stance of Trump and Biden on different issues

Does the US 2020 election affect the world in any way? What are the views of Trump and Biden on global politics? These are some of the questions that the voters in this election season are asking. And the entire Trump vs. Biden polls roundup will soon come to an end. According to a big number of people, Trump has weakened the commitments of the US on an international level. Though, should the rest of the world be concerned about what happens in the US? Well in many ways, the US elections affect mor than just America. Now, just a…Read more

Why Republicans are trying to cut early voting hours?

It might seem that Republicans are trying to cut early voting hours in order to gain advantage over Democrats at the polls. The results of 2016 gop presidential polls says a lot. In the last few weeks, many conservatives have attacked early voting hours, which coincides, with the report by Presidential Commission on Election Administration. The report suggests how elections can be improved, and one of the key agenda is to back early voting, which could be in person or through absentee ballots. Republicans do not endorse early voting because in recent times it has helped the Democrats. Also, absentee…Read more

Talking about Hillary vs. the Republicans

In the Democratic houses, there is only one topic that is making the news; that is the Hillary vs. Republicans war-battle for the Presidency. She is all ready to take the votes of United States by storm, and she can easily become the face of the Democratic Party. So, in order to check out the reasons why Hillary slowly and steadily is becoming the most appealing candidate in the elections, let us take just take a look at why she can easily compete(and possibly beat) any Republican candidate. So here our assessment goes; Hillary’s straightforward agenda: The thing that is…Read more

How Election Polls (Surveys) Can Predict the Election Results?

Election Polls (Survey) have become an important aspect to evaluate the current political situation of battling candidates before true elections. Every news channel conducts these polls to predict the future of the candidates fighting from various areas to get a position. Generally polls are conducted nationally but they can also be conducted locally for a town or a college. What is an Opinion Poll or Poll? A Poll can be defined as the public opinion about choosing a candidate as their representative during the elections. It is the survey which up to some accuracy predicts the future results of the…Read more