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Rugs on Sale – Know the Indicators of Rug Quality

It is definitely true that beauty is in the beholder’s eye. Nevertheless, that does not mean every piece of art are made equal. For instance, nobody would claim that original Renoir painting and one done by a man down the street have the same value as rugs on sale, just for the reason that they’re both made using oil paints. There are basically criteria that enable one to go far beyond one’s opinion in assessing the two pieces. The same is true with the rugs. There are basic criteria in which every rug may be compared as well as…Read more

Affordable Persian Carpets

In the designs of Persians carpets and area oriental rugs, birds, animals, and insects are often displays. They can be very stylized, or very realistic like the wild animals on the hunting designs of Persian rugs. Tortoise, tiger, tarantula, stork, dragon, dove, dog, deer, camel, crab, butterfly, beetle, bee, bat, sparrow, scorpion, rooster, phoenix, peacock, parrot, magpie, elephant, lion, duck, dragon, stork, tiger, tarantula, squirrel, and tortoise are the animals most frequently found in the pattern of Persian or Oriental carpets. Area Oriental Rugs The tarantula and scorpion detonate poison and viciousness and also represent the defense. They are…Read more

Should you consider handmade rugs for your high traffic areas?

If you want to create a beautiful effect in any of the spaces then choose handmade rugs. They encompass the most amazing collection of rugs that are handpicked from all across the globe. The handmade pieces will come from countries like India, Iran, Turkey, etc, to create an amazing effect in the areas where they are used. To make your room look beautiful, try using traditional or oriental rugs. Excellent craftsmanship is depicted in the creation of outstanding rugs that is sure to ensure elegance to any room. The place turns into a paradise with such a rug. Being…Read more