Can hair transplant increase density?

Thinning of hair is a great problem experienced by many people. Due to many reasons natural hair starts falling around 40 years of age. In some people this process starts at an earlier age.  The only reliable treatment for thinning of hair is hair transplantation practiced at the hair restoration‎ clinic. Though there are so many creams, magical medicines etc, experience has shown that they are only gimmicks and no real result is obtained by using any of these wonder remedies.

Hair transplant explained

Normally in the case of a patient who suffers from thinning of hair, there will be thick hair on the lower back side of their head. In hair transplantation excess hair from this area known as donor area is removed and they are replanted in the area where loss of hair or thinning of hair has become a serious problem.  By proper and timely intervention the lost of hair can be substituted in this way. The process helps the patient to increase the hair density to 40-60 %.


The introduction of a new method known as NeoGraft has made hair transplantation still easier and successful.  In this process extraction of follicular units of hair is done in hair restoration‎ clinic using specialized machines designed for this purpose. This make the process of extraction of donor hair and re-plantation of them in the appropriate pores an easy task. Patients with hair loss prefer dense packing and such patient are in need of a special technique which can increase the density considerably higher.

Density required

Men who are not troubled by hair loss usually have approximately 200 to 250 hairs per square centimeter.  If they are troubled by hair loss or hair thinning problems then their density can be reduced to 90-120 hair grafts per square centimeter. During the consultation the dermatologist will be able to understand the density of the existing hair with the help of electronic microscope.  Depending on the severity of hair loss, the patient may need implants up to 50-60 grafts per square centimeter or it may extend up to 100-120 grafts per square centimeter.  Diameter of the shaft, color of the skin, color of the hair, type of hair etc are some important criteria which decides the number of hair grafts needed per square centimeter.

Density at the hairline

As the hair density below the hair line and its density are more visible, they play crucial roles in deciding the attractiveness of a person. People want hair density at this area to be at the maximum. Special techniques and special instruments are available for increasing the density of the hair in this area when hair transplant is opted.

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