Discuss Tree Stump Removal Techniques

Stumps are the hardest part of a tree so you need to follow some tree stump removal techniques to get the job done easily. No doubt, removing them definitely requires some serious efforts. Stump removal is a time consuming task and would require specialized technique, equipment and tools to make the process fast, simple, and safe. It is absolutely different from cutting a tree.

Requirement for stump removal

Most of the landowners look for stump removal since these chunks takes up extra bit of space, thus causing a point of obstruction for some kind of construction job or even installing or structures. They tend to create an uglier appearance once vegetation starts to grow on them. More importantly, they are highly hazardous and could cause serious injuries while being hidden under the foliage.

The stump removal process

It is always better to hire expert professional to carry out the stump removal process. There are basically 2 common tree stump removal techniques available to get the task done.

By hand                      

This is the hardest process. When the stumps are old, rotting, or smaller, then it would be not so difficult to get the job done. Some of the tools required to get the job done through hand are digging bar, axe, chainsaw, pick mattock, and length of chain. Using the right set of tools will only ensure the best of results. You must be aware about the roots. They might well be spread underground at a good distance. Henceforth, it is necessary to cut all the major portions of the roots with the help of chainsaw or an axe. They could be easily pried suing digging bar and a pick mattock. Once the roots are perfectly pried, they would become loose enough to get uprooted. It is the chain that needs to be securely tied around stump. The other end of the chain should be connected to the vehicle. This would help in easy pulling.

By grinding

This is another popular process. In fact, it is always the most effective process for the removal of bigger stumps. This process is mostly carried out by professionals. In this process also, the roots need to be axed while clearing all the necessary obstacles. Chainsaw is used for cutting the stump further to make the grinding easy enough without involving much of time. Hire a reputed tree removal service to get this grinding process done since it involves some risk.

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