How To Avoid Estate Litigations?

It should be your life goal to avoid legal battles of any sort, especially when it comes to the assets of yours when you have passed away. You must plan your estate with the help of an estate planning lawyer PG County. Here are some ways by which you can do so.

Be An Early Planner

If you don’t want your family to be fighting legal battles over your assets and who gets what, then you must take matters into your own hands while you still can. It’s best to go over with a lawyer and start the estate planning process.

This can include making a will, giving necessary instructions to people on how to proceed with the asset division after death, and so on. This is going to make things a lot easier and the best part is that the decision-making right is still in your hands, so you can steer the will in any direction you please.

These things need to be done as soon as possible, while you’re still healthy, otherwise it can turn into a daunting situation where people, who don’t have the best interest of you and your family in their minds, can take advantage of your incapacity and can make decisions on your behalf.

So, while you’re still able to do so, make those decisions by yourself, so you can be at peace that whatever you decide for your family is the best.

Do Things While You’re Healthy

There is a lot of planning that goes into making a will and an estate plan because you need to figure out a lot of things, like getting an executor, getting all of the taxes on your assets paid, clear any dues and debts and so on. You can’t expect to do the same if you are suffering from an illness or going through a phase of incapacitation. This is why you need to be vigilant when planning these things

It’s not a bad idea at all to start estate planning while you’re still healthy and there are no signs of imminent death for you. This only means that you’re being cautious and planning, which is a great thing if you don’t want your family to get caught in the web of litigation battles after your demise.

This is why you must make all of those important and non-negotiable decisions while you still have a better understanding of things. It will only be better for the case of your family and you will also be at ease, knowing that you made the right decision at the right time.

Communicate With The Beneficiaries

This is also a really important tip and you shouldn’t shy away from it, just because you’re afraid that your family “won’t understand”. This is the time to be open and honest with your loved ones and it’s also a crash course for your family on how to deal with certain estate issues when going through asset division.

This is important and you will enlighten your family in the best way possible. For this, communication is super important. You need to tell your beneficiaries and heirs certain details that are good to know and that can steer the case either way.

Give The Necessary Documents To People

While you don’t want to give everything away to your family during your life, it’s still important that you start introducing them into the lives of the potential beneficiaries, as mentioned in your will, which you’ve already probably made.

Documents like powers of attorney, estate plan details, and other relevant information need to be communicated properly with your family. You don’t want to keep your family in the dark until the end because that’s just going to be hard on them after your demise.

So, try to slowly introduce these things and give them instructions from time to time as to how they should proceed when the time comes.

Keep Things Up-To-Date

This is another crucial thing to do. Your job is not done as soon as finish the estate plan. Yes, the major part of the work is done, but the other important chunk is to keep the estate plan updated.

The world is always changing and so are the laws. So, the estate plan will have to be tweaked now and then to ensure that it stays valid with the current laws. This is going to make things a breeze for you and your family when the plan is executed in court for asset division.

Discuss With Your LawyeR

You can do your research all you want, but you can’t be more knowledgeable than a wills and trust attorney Upper Marlboro who specializes in these things and deals with hundreds of cases on a day-to-day basis. This is why hiring an estate planning lawyer or attorney is super important and you will thank yourself for being smart.

Yes, lawyers are going to be a bit expensive, judging by the fee you need to pay them, but they’re going to help you out in places that you can never even imagine. So, when in doubt, always go for a lawyer.

Figure Out The Nitty Gritty

This is also another early planning hack, but there’s a lot that goes into the planning of an estate and you need to be in your right mind when you’re making an estate plan or a will. There are technical terms, legal definitions, and other conditions that need to be fulfilled and these things can confuse the human mind.

This is why you’re going to need a working brain and a good lawyer to navigate you through this legal mess of words because you’re going to get stuck on dead ends in some places. You can also take help from a friend, colleague, or family member if you wish.

Keep Things Simple

This tip cannot be made more obvious. When making a will, a lot of people can make the mistake of using too many complicated words and phrases and that can put a damper on the process of the asset division, because it’s simply hard to understand what you’re trying to communicate.

This is a tip that lawyers will also stress upon and that’s to not use formal language in your will. Keep the speech simple and to the point where people can understand what you’re trying to convey in the easiest way possible and this also gives legitimacy to the will, because people will know that it’s written by you, given your specific style of speech.

Keep The Trustworthy People Close

It’s time to put your trust to the test. No matter how much you would hate to admit it, there are certain people that you trust more than others, like your family (obviously) and maybe some friends.

So, this is the best time to keep them close and let them in your inner circle because they’re going to be the ones who ensure that the asset division is done correctly and that no one gets taken advantage of, wrongfully.


Estate litigations are quite common, as frustrating as it sounds, but it all comes down to how things have been planned and proceeded with before the owner’s death. However, you should consult an estate litigation attorney Largo if the need arises.

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