Expecting a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?: Read These Tips

Whether you’re researching for a teenager whose wisdom teeth are threatening to wreak havoc on a perfect smile, or you never got your own wisdom teeth pulled and think it might be time, it always helps to start with the basics – especially when it could involve “going under”.

That’s why most patients who wonder, “Who’s a dentist near me who does wisdom teeth extraction?” are at least starting out on the right foot when it comes to a pleasant experience. That is, they’re giving some thought to the provider they choose.

However, the best choice might be a bit more complicated. Why? Because while your family dentist sure can remove your wisdom teeth, many dentists choose to leave the task up to an oral surgeon. Fortunately, if you’re a patient in the Garden Grove area, our dental team includes both general surgeons and oral surgeons experienced with wisdom tooth extraction, so your decision is easy. However, this basic decision can make a big difference for your experience. Leading many patients to wonder, “should I have an oral surgeon remove my wisdom teeth?”

Sometimes an oral surgeon might be a better choice for wisdom tooth extraction

First of all, one of the worst things you can do with your wisdom teeth is ignore them. However, it all depends on how your wisdom teeth are coming in when it comes to choosing who you have remove them. While dentists and oral surgeons are somewhat similar, the choice of “who” generally comes down to the complexity of the required procedure. While a general dentist is most frequently concerned with dental problems on the surface (or just beneath it), an oral surgeon is almost exclusively performing surgeries like root canal treatment  and wisdom tooth extraction, making them a good choice for care if your wisdom teeth are in any way “tricky” (impacted).

Apart from choosing a specialist vs. a general dentist, the dentist you choose for something like wisdom tooth extraction is ultimately up to you. However, we can give you some tips on how to choose the best dentist for you.

  1. Know Your Network

First, it’s important to know your network. If you have dental insurance it’s important to first understand where you’re covered and where you aren’t. This could have a very real impact on where and how you get care.

  1. Get a Consultation

One of the biggest factors with oral surgery of any kind is comfort. Visit your oral surgeon or dentist and get a feel for the place. Do you feel comfortable and at ease? The mindset you have when you go into the procedure can help a great deal.

To Sleep or To Laugh?

Many patients undergoing wisdom tooth extraction have the choice between “laughing gas” and full sedation. Many patients who use laughing gas report that, while they were awake for the procedure they couldn’t feel anything and didn’t care about anything – making the procedure perfectly bearable and in some cases – pleasant. Many patients are more comfortable not “going under”. For those who feel uncomfortable being awake for the procedure, IV sedation is still a viable and common practice.

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