Find Safe and Non-toxic Alta Loma Curtain Cleaning Services

Curtains are very functional and they also add aesthetic beauty to a room. They provide privacy from prying eyes, block out the rays of the sun and even keep you warm during a cold spell. However, curtains are one of the commonly neglected furnishings; as such, they accumulate dust over time that results in a dull look and devoid of the beauty that once attracted you to it.

Dry cleaning your curtains is the best way to maintain their beauty and rid it of stains and odors that cannot be removed by simple washing. Getting the services of a reliable Alta Loma curtain cleaning service will ensure that you only get the best results by having a cleaner and healthier home or office environment.

Finding Safe Dry Cleaning

There are a lot of dry cleaners that use perchloroethylene or perc as the solvent in the entire process. Perc is very toxic to one’s health and also bad for the environment. Even a short contact with perc can give you headaches and make you feel dizzy. Skin and respiratory allergies may also arise. Extended exposure to perc can result to damage of the kidneys and liver and even cancer. Scary, right?

Perc does not only affect the dry cleaning service that uses it. People who bring home dry cleaned clothes can spread it around. Perc can be found in the soil, water, and air during the stages in dry cleaning.

With the implementation of public policies, perc is being phased out and dry cleaners are shifting to a safer cleaning process using non-toxic cleaning materials.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is where the curtains or other articles of clothing are wet cleaned professionally. This is done in a computer-operated washer and dryer that can be programmed according to the length of washing time, temperature, and action depending on the type of fabric that is being washed. Items that are for dry cleaning only can be professionally wet cleaned without damaging or shrinking the curtains.

Liquid Carbon Dioxide

In this cleaning process, curtains are placed in a special machine that has no air. The chamber is then injected with carbon dioxide gas thereby increasing the pressure. Liquid carbon dioxide is then added. Clothes are spun in a 5-minute to 15-minute cycle at room temperature. Liquid carbon dioxide can dissolve fats, oil, and dirt that might have stuck on your curtain. This process has the least shrinkage percentage among the green alternatives for dry cleaning.

Whenever you choose an Alta Loma curtain cleaning service, make sure to choose one that will cater to you and your family’s needs. It is important to keep everyone safe so go for a dry cleaner that does not use perc as a dry cleaning agent. Research and ask whether that dry cleaner uses non-toxic cleaning agents.

A good cleaner must also be able to take care of your curtain and return it to you with the feeling and smell of being freshly cleaned; without any strong chemical odors.

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