Get a clear view about Solar vs. wind power for home

If you make comparison in between solar vs. wind power for home, then only you will be able to get a fair idea about the pros and cons of both these powers.

Solar power


  • Better reliability and higher warranty.
  • Lower maintenance and installation costs.
  • Predictable energy can be produced on the basis of NASA and BOM.
  • Silent operation, less conspicuous and less monitoring.
  • Lower lightening damages and quick installation.
  • Smaller installation space required.


  • Good sunlight is required for producing electivity.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Panels must be cleaned on a frequent basis.

Wind power


  • Abundant amount of electricity can be produced throughout the day.
  • It is not that very expensive and thus can be afforded by all.


  • More maintenance with increased cost.
  • Wear out of moving parts.
  • Creates propeller noise which is quite irritating.
  • Lighting strikes.
  • The wind panels are being disturbed by birds.
  • Shadows flickering.

Major factors for choosing the best power

  • Maintenance, installation and repairing of the panels are considered as the major factors for choosing the best power.
  • You must also consider your budget so that you can chose the most affordable one.
  • Your power requirement must be effectively fulfilled by your chosen form of energy sources.
  • Location is a great factor on the basis of which selection must be made.
  • The feedback reports need to be checked that have been prepared by the experts or researchers.

Which source of energy is right for you?

After viewing the advantages and disadvantages of both wind and solar energy, it has been found that solar energy is the ideal option for residential houses. In this case, sufficient amount of electricity can be gained at a lower cost which is really quite a god deal for everybody. The above information is quite useful in taking the right decision.

The above factors are also quite important and must be essentially considered for choosing the best one. Solar energy has got several positive aspects and on the other hand this energy can be safely utilized. If you have got smaller roofs, then nothing can be the best option other than choosing solar energy as solar panels can be easily fitted even in smaller spaces. You can even use DIY techniques for making the installation of solar panels done on your house roof.

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