Got Fracture or Broken Bones? Visit Your Orthopedic Doctor

There are many outstanding alternative treatments that are claimed to be able to deal with fractures including shoulder fracture, spine fracture, and much more. Even so, you are still recommended to visit an orthopedic doctor if you experience this kind of musculoskeletal condition in order to get proper treatment.

The Causal Factor of Fractures

Fractures occur when the bone is hit by something strong and hard. For example, a fracture can occur when you fall from a certain height, have an accident while driving, an injury while exercising, or when the bone is hit by hard objects. This condition can also be caused by osteoporosis.

Feeling Pain, swelling, bruising, bleeding, or any bony parts protruding beneath a wounded skin can be some signs of broken bone. The severity of fracture depends on the location of the fracture and the extent of bone damage, as well as the surrounding tissue. Complications can occur if you have a serious fracture and if you do not get proper treatment. The possible complications are such as damage to blood vessels and nerves, bone infection, or infection of surrounding tissues.

Some Instances of Fractures

Here are some types of fractures that can be treated by orthopedic doctors:

  • Simple fracture- This condition occurs when your bone is broken into two parts.
  • Open Fracture- The bone is seen protruding out through your skin.
  • Closed fracture- Your skin does not look torn and there is no bulge, but the condition of the bone inside is damaged.
  • Comminuted fracture- Your bone is broken into at least three parts or more (crushed).
  • Greenstick fracture- When one side of the bone is broken, then the other side bends in response to excess pressure. This condition often occurs in children.
  • Bond fracture- Broken or oblique bone fractures.
  • Fracture stress- Small fractures can occur when the bones are overworked or do the same movements continuously. This condition is commonly experienced by athletes.
  • Pathologic fracture- Bones are damaged by disease.

Orthopedic Common Treatment

The essence of orthopedics is to return the broken bone to its original position and prevent the bone from shifting before it recovers. Before taking an action, your orthopedic doctor will ask you about the chronology of bone problem, your medical history, and the symptoms you feel. Then the doctor will check the condition of the bones and find out what kind of fractures you are experiencing with X-rays.

Here are some methods used to treat broken bones:


Installing a Cast

This is the most common treatment used in dealing with fractures. Before installing a cast, an orthopedic surgeon will make sure that your bones are in parallel. If it has not been aligned when plastered, the injury will not heal properly.

Wearing Sling or Special Bandages

This method is used if you experience fractures in areas that are difficult to reach by plaster. For example, a collarbone fractures, this sling will limit your movement so that the bone can grow and rejoin.

Surgery for the Ultimate Treatment

If your bones are broken into pieces, your doctor may have disc replacement surgery mclean.If you got elbow fracture, then your doctor will perform elbow replacement surgery. The doctor will connect the bones by placing a special pan or plate. This is the ultimate way if those two ways above cannot be applied.

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