How To Avoid Heat Pump Breakdowns

Like all other appliances in your house, heat pumps are vulnerable to breakdowns as well. Several reasons contribute to breaking down. In some cases, it will not heat up or will simply fail to turn on. At the same time, there might be a case in which the heat pump fails to cool down after usage. Considering all such problems, we must discuss them along with the possible heat pump repair and fixes as well. Let’s begin!

Heat Pump Not Turning On

Thermostat Problems

If you notice that the heat pump is not turning on, you might want to check the thermostat first. Heat thermostats engage when the temperature drops below the adjusted temperature setting. If the thermostat is working correctly, check the calibration. It might be that the thermostat is reading the temperature incorrectly. Furthermore, it could be an electrical problem that might be stopping the thermostat from communicating with the heat pump.

Power Less

In some cases, a tripped breaker might simply be the problem. Check to make sure that all your breakers are in the right position. In addition to that, if you observe that the scenario is repeating itself, then there is a sign of an electrical problem. You will need to call a professional for help in this matter.

Broken Starter Capacitor

While the heat pump is turning on, listen closely to a faint clicking sound. If that occurs, there is likely to be a problem with the starter capacitor. The starter capacitor is responsible for turning on the motors. If there happens to be a problem with it, the heat pump will fail to turn on. This will require a technician solving the issue as well.

Broken Reversing Valve

As the name suggests, a reversing valve allows the heat pump to function as a heater and an air-conditioner. This is done by reversing the flow of the refrigerant. If you observe that the heat pump has turned on when you need cool air, then the reversing valve is the issue. Only a technician will be able to replace it.

Heat Pump Not Heating

Unit Is Blocked

Your heat pump pulls air from the outside and throws it inside your house. If the airflow tends to be blocked by debris, snow, leaves, or ice, etc. the heat pump will struggle to perform efficiently. However, you can easily solve the issue. Clean the heat pump and anything in the surrounding that might obstruct the airflow again.

Air Filter Is Dirty

Air filters need to be replaced when they become dirty. If you continue using the blocked air filters, chances are that you will damage the heat pump. The reason being that it will work harder than before to produce heat and as a result break down due to continuous load.

How To Avoid Heat Pump Breakdowns?

Annual Maintenance

Perhaps the best way to avoid heat pump breakdowns is by scheduling annual maintenance. Regular maintenance can help prevent minor problems that otherwise could result in frequent breakdowns. You would not want your heat pump to give up on you when there is a blizzard outside or extreme snowing. To avoid such situations, it is suggested that regular maintenance is scheduled so that problems can be identified beforehand and solved accordingly.

Create A Maintenance Schedule

Apart from the annual maintenance carried out by a professional, there are several things at your end that need to be done to ensure your heat pump does not break down. Check the ductwork and make sure nothing is blocking the airflow. Clean the surroundings and make it a routine to inspect the windows and doors for leakages and cracks as well.

Final Word

This blog aimed to discuss the problems that could cause your heat pump to break down along with the possible fixes. Even though heat pumps are tough and rigid but sometimes people tend to take certain factors such as regular maintenance for granted. Therefore, consider the tips mentioned above and make sure that your heat pump functions flawlessly. And if there is any problem with your heating unit that you can’t fix yourself, call in heat pump repair services Long Island to avoid further complicating the situation and get a quick fix.

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