How To Fix Paint Chips On Your Car

Chipped paint on your car won’t only make it look unattractive on the road, but the exposed metal surface can also lead to rusting. The rust can later progress beneath the paint and damage the rest of it. You should use a car bodywork protection film to avoid it.

However, if your car has already sustained paint chips, you need to DIY it or visit an auto body shop. Here are some methods you can use to repair paint chips of any size on your vehicle.

For Smaller Chips

Smaller chips can usually be covered by the tip of your finger. They don’t have any type of rust on them and are therefore easier to repair. If you have any more paint flaking around the small chip, it is better to scrape that paint off to expose full area.

For smaller chips on your car, using a touch up paint pen is a good choice. These pens are especially designed for smaller chips and come in a wide variety of colors to choose from. You must match the color code of your vehicle with the paint pen before using it on the vehicle.

Using the paint pen is also an easier process. You just have to place the pen in the center of the chip and apply the paint to the whole affected area. Apply slightly more paint on the chip because the paint usually shrinks a bit when it dries. After the paint gets dry, thoroughly wash and wax the area to give it a nice and smooth finish.

For Medium Chips

Medium sized chips on the car are usually the size of a small coin. These chips require you to be more careful when filling. Remember to remove any small pieces of elements or debris with the help of your fingers or tweezers. After thoroughly cleaning the chipped area, rub alcohol swipes on the area and prepare it for the primer.

Buy an automotive primer from any good auto parts store. Use the brush that comes with the primer to apply it on the affected area, be careful not to apply the primer on the surrounding painted area. Rub and clean any drips immediately. Let the primer completely dry before moving on to the painting part.

Once the primer is completely dry, use a touch up paint that comes with an applicator brush for your convenience. Dip the tip of the brush in the paint, place it in the center of the chip and move outwards in a circular motion. Do this step three to four times until the area is fully covered up with paint. Let the paint dry and re-apply if necessary (to match with the surrounding color). You should wax and wash the vehicle after the paint gets dry to give it a smoother finish.

Repainting Larger Chips

Larger chips are the most difficult to repair. Before starting, see if the size is small enough to be treated at home, if not, then drive your car to a body shop to get professional help. Same applies to the chips that are expanding quickly due to rusting.

If the size looks manageable to you, then start by using your fingers or tweezers to remove any debris from the chipped area. Also, avoid scraping any good paint when removing the flakes. Use CLR on the chip to remove any rust, take your car to a body shop if the rust has created a hole in the body. Use these steps to completely remove any harmful particles from the chipped area before proceeding to the next step.

After cleaning the chip and using a sandpaper to sand the edges of the chip, you can apply the primer as mentioned in the second method. Primer in this method might take several hours to dry completely. Wet sanding the primer might help you in making a smooth surface for painting. Now before applying the paint, let the wet sanded primer to dry completely.

Paint application process is also the same as described in the medium sized chips. Apply the touch up paint by dipping the tip of the applicator brush and applying the paint on the chipped area. Let the paint dry after applying it and wet sand it again and let it dry. You can also apply a second coat of paint to make the texture nicer.

Wash and wax the car properly after the second coat is dried properly.

To avoid paint chips and scratches, use paint protection film. However, be sure to select a reputable clear car protection film installer Springfield for better results.

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