How To Place An Area Rug In A Living Room

Your living room is the most highly used space in your home when it comes to gatherings. And the overall layout of your living room reflects your creative personality. You can enhance your whole space by adding an area rug in your living room. Now there comes a question as to where exactly to place area oriental rugs?

There’s no single rule of thumb for placing an area rug. It all depends upon your space and your taste. But there are a few techniques that you can follow for a perfect layout.

Considering To Introduce an Area Rug in Your Living Room?

Before heading straight to the process, you should know the standard rules about installing an area rug.

  • Firstly, map out your living room, as there’s a different layout for different dimensions.
  • Give it a thought that either your living room is separate from other rooms, or is it an open concept space.
  • Area rugs are an alternative to wall-to-wall carpets. And so, they need to be placed differently. You must leave enough space around the rug for its aesthetics and function.

Now different rugs have different placing arrangements, and it all goes according to your space. Let’s discuss that in detail.

There are the following three main layouts for your living room.

Front Legs On The Rug

This technique works best for both separate living rooms and for open space. Place the front legs of your main furniture on the rug. And the rug must be large enough to extend both sides of the furniture. This approach perfectly complements the overall design pattern in your living room.

For an open space living room, if your rug is not large enough to accommodate all the furniture. Then, you can go with this trick. Partially placing your furniture on the rug will define your space and will add a sense of proportion.

Centered Rug

For a small living room, 5 feet by 8 feet area rug will go perfect. You can center it between your main furniture, either on its own or a coffee table placed on it. Be sure to leave a 6-12” space between your sofa and the rug. This will make your small room look bigger.

Also, you can add a small rug to your large living room too. If you’re having sitting arrangements and the dining table in the same room, you can go for this approach. Plus, it isn’t necessary to place the small rug centered between your furniture. You can customize these rules. And can place the small rug anywhere you want in your living room. For instance, you can set the rug even in one of the corners of your living room.

Whole Furniture On The Rug

This rule works well for the larger living room. Install a large area rug in the center or the side of your living room wherever it fits best. And then place the whole furniture on the rug. But still, be sure to leave an 18-inch space between your rug and the perimeter wall of the room. Also, the rug must be large enough to extend beyond each side of the furniture.

This technique best complements an open space living room. When a single large room performs different functions, you can place a more extensive area rug with all of the furniture over it. It will best define your space and draw a boundary between other places.

What Is The Placement Of End Tables On Area Rug?

Whether you’re going for a small centered rug arrangement or furniture partially placed on the rug. Be sure to either place the end tables on the rug or completely off of it. The technique of placing front legs on the area rug is for the main furniture only, such as sofas. It doesn’t work for the end table. Or else, you’ll have to compromise on the surfacing of the tables. Keep in mind everything in your room must be perfectly balanced.


There are multiple rules for placing an area rug in your living room, and they are all different from each other. But keep in mind that you can customize the rules whenever you want for a look most desirable to you. So, buy genuine traditional rugs from Persian rug stores Vienna VA and follow the mentioned rug placement rules.

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