Important features of commercial steamers used for cooking purpose

If you are planning to buy some commercial kitchen equipment, make sure that they comply with the safety requirements prescribed by the local authorities. This point is particularly important about the extraction hood as its intention is to keep the kitchen environment protected and clean. If you are careless in these matters it can cause you great panic as you may need to call out for the services from commercial kitchen appliance service frequently.

Commercial kitchen appliance service

Make sure that the commercial steamer you are going to purchase is having extraction hoods. Burner ranges, deep fryers, steamers and pizza ovens are examples of extraction hoods.  In some cases, it is seen that some extraction hoods are over your dishwasher.

Generally there are two types of hoods. The intention of the first type of hood is to remove steam, vapor, heat, smoke, grease etc. this hood is required for cooking with oil and for food that have ingredients with rich fat content like cheese and meat. The second type of hood is capable of removing heat and steam. These hoods are designed for installation over dishwashers and steamers. They are   helpful in removing odors and moisture.

Major features of commercial steamers

Business owners are often  curious about the size of the hoods in their search for the most suitable steamer for their commercial use.  The selection of the size of the hood is often based on the appliance’s size on which the hood is going to be installed. Normally it is expected that the hood should extent 16 centimeters beyond the side of the appliance so that proper cooking is possible on all sides.

Typically, all the hoods in commercial steamers are made using stainless steel as it is durable and strong. It does not rust also.  It will work for long time without any maintenance or cleaning. In rare cases some manufacturers are found to use copper also. But it is very rare.

The efficiency and speed of hoods are determined by the volume and velocity of the air flow. Most of the commercial steamers are capable of absorbing 1000 to 2500 cubic feet of air every minute. If you want to know more about these matters, you may contact some commercial steamer repair alexandria va companies around you. Usually they are more knowledgeable in the matter and they will be able to give you  sufficient information that will help you to get your doubts in this regard clarified.

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