Interior Design Tips

Furniture layouts can be a big problems in interiors. Not everyone is familiar with the routines expert designers use to create an amazing furniture layout, so they struggle. But, those routines experts use are actually not that complicated and can be learned easily. And they are not even that numerous. Down below you can find some tips to use in your space to really get that right feeling, to accent the right things and to make your space just much better.

A big table is the best table. If you can’t use it in your interior because you don’t enough space in your home, then just use a smaller one, but a long one. Just like carpets, big, low tables can connect the living room. It can create a special feel in the space. Next to being pleasing to the eye, they are very functional. All experts agree that is should be placed at least 30 to 60 cm away from the couch.

The best place to put your commodes is by a wall. If you put it in a corner, it will not look very nice and it will take up your space. Putting your commode in a corner will create an impression of a closed and dark room. It’s best if you keep it in the middle of the wall, and if you can’t put it there, then put another piece of furniture next to your commode to create balance.

People lean towards hanging their pictures too high. Art on walls should minimize the room. If you put a painting above a piece of furniture, hang it 60 to 90 cm above it, although that rule mostly depends on the height of the art work itself. Before you drill a hole into your wall, try a little trick. Take a normal paper, put it on the wall and move it around to see what the ideal position for your painting might be. The same goes for mirrors, which are best hung across something you like looking at, for example a piece of art, or opposite to a window, so more light gets into your room. Just make sure you don’t have curtains or Blockout blinds on that window, and then you won’t get that amount of light.

If you are wondering where to put your TV, it’s best if you hang it on a wall so you get more space. But if that is not an option, then choose a place where it won’t draw attention away from the other furniture in the room. You don’t want to have an ignored fire place because of your TV. The Television is not a really an important part of the interior, but it is very common. Of course, it can be made into something that stands out in your interior, depends on your preferences.

So, that’s the most basic stuff you can know about interior decoration. It is not difficult, it is not complicated. And when done the way it is supposed to be done, it creates amazing results in your interior.

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