Outdoor Fireplace Design – What Are Your Options for Your Budget?

An outdoor fireplace design matters a lot for families who love outdoor living. For them, a home with a great backyard and located in a picturesque environment, for example, may well accommodate an outdoor fireplace. It can be installed in the garden patio or deck, which is often a famous choice for homeowners who like outdoor living.

Outdoor fireplace designs come in a variety of styles nowadays. It is only a matter of selecting the size and the best materials that suit the best theme of an outdoor space and the ones that are suitable for the budget of homeowners.

When it comes to the materials that you need to use, a vital consideration is the location. Homeowners have to decide first on where the fireplace should be placed. It may be placed in an open area and exposed to various kinds of weather or in a place with covered area like terrace just adjacent to your main house.

Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Stone outdoor fireplaces encourage a cozy and warm ambiance to any home. Being the structure that exudes strength owing to the materials used is a safe option as well. Stones are weather resistant and fire resistant and families will feel safe when building fire. Maintenance isn’t much of a problem for this kind of outdoor fireplace design.

Chimenea – A Mexican Style Fireplace

Mexican style Chimenea with its typical fireplace design is perfect for outdoor use. It’s another permanent structure that is similar to the stone fireplace, yet may be made from different materials including aluminum, cast iron, and clay. A primary benefit of this is its ease in making fire and providing heat.

Fire Pit

A more flexible and much simpler outdoor fireplace design is a fire pit. This kind of design is perfect for small spaces and for those who don’t want to have a permanent fireplace outside their own homes. The common materials used for these are bricks, metal, and stones. Aside from the warmth it offers to the families, open fire pits may also be used for cooking some delicious barbecues during special gatherings.

Metal Fireplace

If you want to use metal fireplace type, it is best to place this under a covered area. You have to bear in mind that metals are prone to corrosion when exposed to different weather conditions in an open space so bear this in mind.

If you are planning for the design of your outdoor fireplace, homeowners have to weigh the pros and cons of various kinds of fuel available. Majority of individuals like to use woods because of its crackling sounds it makes when it is burning, giving them an intimate and cozy ambiance. The downside is woods can leave ashes and would require cleaning after use.

For people who are environment conscious, gas outdoor fireplace is a good option because it doesn’t require maintenance and don’t have logs to chop. That is the reason why it is easy to use.

Planning ahead is important whenever you are deciding on an outdoor fireplace design that’s best for your home. Once you have determined your needs and you already have a big picture of your desired style, finding an outdoor fire pit contractor should be your next priority. LaGrass

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