RV Handling and Driving Tips

Motor homes are not difficult to drive, and this is the reason why motorhome rentals are becoming very popular. If you are a skilled driver, you can easily adapt to the bigger size, height and weight of a recreational vehicle. But when you are behind the wheel of the recreational vehicle, it is a wise idea to use of all your defensive driving skills.

Planning ahead, staying alert and driving defensively are important aspects of safe RV handling. When you drive one of the big rigs on the road, you are accountable for the safety of your passengers and other vehicles with which you share the road.

RV Handling Tips

Driving RV might be easy but it is not similar to driving any four wheelers. You are required to learn handling driving situations like braking, parking, and traffic when you are driving this heavy duty vehicle. Merging and yielding demands patience because motorhome is bigger than SUV and car. If you are driving RV in heavy traffic conditions, you have to be alert of all other vehicles around you.

When you take your RV to one-way roads, small streets, tree-lined avenues, and parking lots, the RV size becomes apparent. RV parking is easy if you have someone giving the parking instructions but if you are alone, be cautious while parking.

Braking RV usually takes longer than a regular car. You will have to keep this fact in your mind while driving your recreational vehicle. Thus, it is advisable to not to speed your RV in traffic.

RV Driving Tips

Even expert drivers need to spend a few miles to smoothly drive RV. Drivers can make use of the mirrors, cameras and windows to keep track of the surroundings. These things can make traffic monitoring really very easy.

Cornering with a large RV needs more turning radius. A sharp turn could track over someone’s lawn or put rear tires up on the curb. You must stay in your own lane to avoid a collision with other vehicles. Before heading road, take some time to practice RV turning otherwise you will have to spend your time and money on rv repair!

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