Side effects of hair transplant surgery

Male pattern baldness has become a nightmare among middle-aged men as it reduces their attractiveness. There is a growing feeling among men that they start receiving attention from their female counterparts as they start losing their hair. Understanding this vital problem many hair transplantation centers have sprung up in each and every nook and corner of the country. Many people are undergoing this surgery and getting back natural thick hair without much pain or expense. The greatest advantage of this method is that there is no need to get admitted in a hospital and spend few days there. Most dermatologists carry out hair transplant surgery as an outpatient procedure. This is done under local anesthesia and therefore the patient does not feel any pain. There is no blood loss and the recovery is also faster. But there are some side effects that follow each hair transplantation surgery. They are discussed below.

Falling of hair.   The hair transplanted in the surgery will start falling out within a very short period of two weeks. One need not be disheartened by this.  The rejection of transplanted hair is a biological process. After all the transplanted hair has completely fallen, it will again start growing within three months. This hair will be permanent and will be growing like natural hair.

Bleeding: Most often hair transplant surgery is accompanied by some bleeding. If bleeding continues it can be due to the existence of injuries that has occurred to the scalp in connection with removal of hair for hair transplantation. In such cases, your surgeon will examine the mater and put some additional sutures wherever necessary.

Soreness: In general hair transplant surgery is painless and most people go home the same day without any pain or any problems.  But in some cases, soreness may be experienced for some time for which pain medications will be prescribed by the surgeon. These medications will be enough for reducing the soreness and feel comfortable.

Itching: Sometimes itching may be felt around the area subjected to hair transplantation procedure. It will last for one or two days only. Using a cleanser or washing your hair gently will be helpful in reducing the problem.

Swelling: In some cases a small swelling may be found in the forehead and around the eyes after Mini-Micro Grafting. You need not worry about it. It will naturally vanish within one or two days.

Numbness: Numbness in the area related to hair transplant is common in such surgeries. Like swelling the numbness also will vanish after a few days and there is no need for any intervention.

Hiccups: in around 5 % of hair transplant surgeries, the patient is seen to have hiccups after the surgery.  As hiccups can be disturbing matter, if the occurrence is reported your surgeon will prescribe suitable medications to get relief from the problem.

Contagions: In a few cases, it is seen that contagions develop after hair transplant surgery.  As anti-toxins are given prior to and after the surgery, for preventing contagions from entering,   one need not worry about this matter.

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