Simple Steps to Revive Wet iPhone5

How to revive your iPhone 5

You might be the most careful person when it comes to your iPhone, but you never know one day accidentally it might slip away from your hands into the pool. Considering the cost of the iPhone one cannot just leave it to soak in water, immediate steps must be taken in order to revive your phone. It is a very simple task, and there are a lot of wide options in order to recover your phone. But these steps must be taken immediately for the best result.

The Steps to Get Your Phone Back

The first and the most important step to do after dropping your phone into a puddle of water is to remove and take out all the hardware. Removing the hardware might sound really easy, but the hard part here is to put them all back together properly. Immerse your phone into a bag filled with uncooked rice for 18hrs with the battery removed. Make sure you use the dryer to remove every moist inch of your phone, and make use of the iFixit guide to put the hardware back in place.

Getting it all back might not be easy, it depends on the condition of the iPhone. So initially one must connect the phone to the Mac, then let it boot to recover your data. The third step is to import the videos/photos. Check if all the ports are functioning properly. Wait for the screen to clear and the app icons to appear.

Check for the proper functioning of the SIM card. At times one might not get the connectivity. There might be popping up messages indicating no SIM card inserted. In such cases you must take your SIM card insert it in some other mobile and check for its functionality. If it works, then it is the hardware problem if not it is the SIM problem.

Never ever push the power button when the phone is wet, it will just make things worse by letting water seep through your phone. Allow your phone to dry and then push the power button. Always remember to perform these steps immediately, once your phone is completely soaked it is tough to revive it back.

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