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Top 5 Most Common AC Repair Needs

In the scorching heat of summer, you rely a lot on the comfort of the cool breeze that comes from your new ac installation. But, when something goes wrong, a repair is needed because the last thing you will ever want to experience in the middle of summer is to end up melted or baked inside a sweltering home. Before you deal with the blistering doom of a broken cooling system, you might want to become more familiar with the most common issues associated with your AC system. Broken Outside Fan Your unit’s outside fan is in charge of…Read more

What is the easiest way to fix my damaged AC unit?

With summer hitting around, AC units act as the best life savers whether at home or at work. But at times even life savers can be troublesome. Like any other electronic device, damaged AC units need to be taken care of before it gets completely conked off. An AC unit can be off duty for various reasons such as there can be AC leakage problems; the compressor might be damaged due to severe pressure or due to delay in servicing there might be congestion in the air circulation. As simple as they look the more intricate the details are…Read more