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8 Tips Every Allergy Sufferer Should Know

As the winter season starts to come, allergy specialists notice a great increase in the number of pf allergy patients. This is because allergies are usually triggered during the winter season for most of the people. However, following tips might provide allergy sufferers a good relief this season. Limit Outdoor Activity Mostly the allergens that trigger allergies are present in the air outdoors such as; pollen, dust mites, animal dander etc. which is why it is better to limit your outdoor activity and stay inside the house in a safer environment as much as possible. But, if you have to…Read more

What are allergy shots and how to escape allergy triggers?

Allergy shots are the immunotherapy shots that increase the body’s tolerance to certain allergens provoking allergic reactions. It is given to the patients who suffer from allergic symptoms for 3 months in a year or so. If you suffer from allergy for most parts of the year, the shots will be given twice a week for 4-5 years on a continuous basis. A lot depends on the severity of the situation. Actually they reduce the level of sensitivity to allergens and hence you are not affected by the substances in your near future. Patients are injected the solution on a…Read more