8 Tips Every Allergy Sufferer Should Know

As the winter season starts to come, allergy specialists notice a great increase in the number of pf allergy patients. This is because allergies are usually triggered during the winter season for most of the people. However, following tips might provide allergy sufferers a good relief this season.

Limit Outdoor Activity

Mostly the allergens that trigger allergies are present in the air outdoors such as; pollen, dust mites, animal dander etc. which is why it is better to limit your outdoor activity and stay inside the house in a safer environment as much as possible. But, if you have to go out daily for work or studies, make sure you check on the daily pollen count in your area and take all the necessary precautions required. Furthermore, don’t forget to cover yourself especially your mouth and nose in order to avoid contact with allergens.

Shut the Windows and Doors

Who doesn’t like letting sunlight and fresh air get inside their house? Allergic people. So, if you are one of those then you cannot keep the doors and windows wide open during the daytime as the potential allergens can easily make their way into your house making the inner environment not safe at all. It is also advised by allergy physicians to keep the doors and windows shut to keep your home allergen-free.

Clean Your House Regularly

Well, everyone cleans their house but allergy-prone people need to do it more as they cannot afford even a single allergen inside their house that can kick up their allergy. Dust out the furniture daily and vacuum the carpet, sofa and beds. Doing so on a regular basis would help you in relieving the allergy symptoms at home.

Don’t Wear Contact Lenses

You will not like to hear it if you love wearing contact lenses because many allergy specialists advise the allergy patients to avoid wearing contacts because an allergy already makes your eyes burn and red, wearing contact lenses in such condition can cause severe irritation and might hurt your eyes. Moreover, allergens can also settle onto your lenses which is not good at all. Hence, avoiding it would be the best and safest for you during the allergy season. Use specs instead as they would protect your eyes as well.

Avoid Early Morning Walk/Jog

Well, exercise is undoubtedly extremely important and beneficial for everyone and as an allergic person, you cannot just leave your daily workout sessions. But, as pollen count is greater during the morning, so to avoid seasonal allergy, you should postpone your morning walk to the night when pollen count is comparatively pretty low. Furthermore, if you like to work out in your lush green lawn, you would have to move indoors or go to the gym until your allergy season lasts.

Take a Shower Immediately After Coming Home

There are uncountable pollen in the air outside which get stuck in your hair when you go out. As you enter your home, you bring several pollen from outside into your house which can spread everywhere and can trigger allergies so, Follow the old saying, precaution is better than treatment, and ensure that you go straight into the bathroom for a shower after entering the house and wash your head properly. Also, the clothes you were wearing should be thrown into the laundry to wash away all the dust, dirt and allergens.

Get HEPA Air Filter Installed

HEPA air filters are specialized in purifying the air and make it free from allergens such as pollen, dust mites, mold, animal dander etc. As an allergy-prone person, it would be your best investment in a HEPA filter as you would get a purified and allergen-free atmosphere in your house. You would notice huge ease in your allergy symptoms.

Take Medications Prior to the Start of Allergy Season

Do not wait for your allergy season to arrive completely and let the allergens kick your symptoms, take medications at least 10 to 15 days prior to the arrival of the season. In this way, your body would be well prepared for the incoming allergens and there won’t be severe symptoms.

These are some extremely simple tips that are recommended by allergy physicians Germantown to get relief from allergies. However, it’s always better to visit a doctor if your symptoms are severe.

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