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How To Place An Area Rug In A Living Room

Your living room is the most highly used space in your home when it comes to gatherings. And the overall layout of your living room reflects your creative personality. You can enhance your whole space by adding an area rug in your living room. Now there comes a question as to where exactly to place area oriental rugs? There’s no single rule of thumb for placing an area rug. It all depends upon your space and your taste. But there are a few techniques that you can follow for a perfect layout. Considering To Introduce an Area Rug in…Read more

Affordable Persian Carpets

In the designs of Persians carpets and area oriental rugs, birds, animals, and insects are often displays. They can be very stylized, or very realistic like the wild animals on the hunting designs of Persian rugs. Tortoise, tiger, tarantula, stork, dragon, dove, dog, deer, camel, crab, butterfly, beetle, bee, bat, sparrow, scorpion, rooster, phoenix, peacock, parrot, magpie, elephant, lion, duck, dragon, stork, tiger, tarantula, squirrel, and tortoise are the animals most frequently found in the pattern of Persian or Oriental carpets. Area Oriental Rugs The tarantula and scorpion detonate poison and viciousness and also represent the defense. They are…Read more

Why prefer oriental rugs for your home?

Nowadays, contemporary oriental rugs are in great use. Rugs are very useful in cold countries where stepping on the floor is really hard. They come in various designs and styles. Some have got a very traditional design, while a few come in unique designs that give them a very stylish look. Rugs are also known as carpets, but they differ from carpets slightly. Rugs are more compact than carpets and are even more stylish. Rugs are of various types; but among them the Oriental rug is very good. Oriental rug is an extremely heavy material, made for a wide assortment…Read more