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Raw Food Diet as Natural Asthma Remedies

The root cause for asthma in the present world is the low quality diet that the people consume. But very less do the people realize about this problem. The food they consider healthy and rich in the form of instantaneous packed food, are processed carbohydrates which are the catalyst to all the bad effects on our body. The present world is much dependent on the fast food, which involves frying of materials more than once. Such methods of cooking are the major reasons for the development of asthma in a particular body. Medical Treatments Medical treatments might provide you the…Read more

What are the symptoms of asthma?

Are you asthmatic? If you are obese, under constant stress, suffering from hay fever or exposed to pollution and tobacco smoke, then you have chances of being asthmatic. Asthma is a disease that affects the pulmonary airways that  carries air to the lungs. The insides are swollen which makes the airway sensitive and susceptible to allergic reactions. The swelling narrows down the airways, thus allowing less air to pass to and from the lungs.  Asthma attacks vary from person-to-person. Sometimes oxygen is prevented from entering the blood stream and other vital organs which can be deadly. The attacks can…Read more