Raw Food Diet as Natural Asthma Remedies

The root cause for asthma in the present world is the low quality diet that the people consume. But very less do the people realize about this problem. The food they consider healthy and rich in the form of instantaneous packed food, are processed carbohydrates which are the catalyst to all the bad effects on our body. The present world is much dependent on the fast food, which involves frying of materials more than once. Such methods of cooking are the major reasons for the development of asthma in a particular body.

Medical Treatments

Medical treatments might provide you the instant curing feel and make you feel better for that instance. But they are very short lived and temporary. To remove the chocking and suffocating feeling, doctors might allow the extra bit of oxygen to enter the lungs and will make you feel better at that point of time. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling chocked again. Considering this fact, many people tend to change their diet. This change in diet has different reactions to different people, depending upon the type of diet they change start consuming.

Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet basically means a diet that solely is composed of raw fruits and vegetables. Sometimes even few nuts and dry fruits come under this category. People who take this type of raw food diet have found themselves improve their breathing and the frequency of respiratory attacks seem to reduce drastically. Even the general coughs and wheezing seem to have gone down to this adequate change in diet.

There is no rule that every spec of food you eat must be raw food. An even blend of both raw and general fast food in advisable proportions seems to have an effect in your body. Inclusion of 50-70% of raw food in your regular diet would work wonders to your respiratory system. One’s body cannot suddenly accustom itself to raw food, hence gradually include some raw items in your diet, one final day your whole diet will be raw. Consult your asthma doctor before sticking to any such diet.

A salad after every meal, or a bite of dry fruits instead of your unhealthy desserts will do wonders and fix your asthma in no time.

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