9 Things To Consider When Having A Patio

Most of the people who have a lovely garden in their house hire masonry contractors to make a beautiful patio where they can sit and enjoy for some time. Well, if you are also planning to have a patio then these are some important things that you should consider.

Set a Budget

The foremost thing before getting any project started is to know how much you can afford to spend on that particular project and then set a budget. It is important so that you take every step according to your budget and refrain from getting any unpleasant surprises at the end of the project.


Before you start planning anything about your patio, determine how much space you have in your garden for the patio. You can also ask patio contractors to pay a visit to your home and give a better idea of the space and would your desired patio be able to build there or not. If you don’t determine the space that you have, things would steer in a bad direction causing you a lot of money damage.

Know the Objective

Different people have different objectives for having a patio for example; some simply want a peaceful and elegant sitting space in their lawn with brick patio, some want a place where they can party with their friends and family, some would just want a small one that can fit two tanning ledges whereas some would want to enhance their house resale value with the addition of a patio. Whatever your purpose of having a patio is, do share it with the contractor so that they can try to make it perfectly according to your desire.


Look around your garden closely and select a position that would be the best for the patio. Keep in mind the following factors:

  • Which area of your garden receives the most sunshine?
  • What time of the day would you find free to spend some time in the patio?
  • What view of your garden would you like to see from the patio?
  • At which position would you get maximum privacy?

Once you’ll find the answers to these questions, you would be able to choose a perfect position for the patio.


There is a huge variety in patio pavers which can make it pretty hard for you to choose. If you have any idea in your mind about the pavement then you can ask the masonry contractors about it straight away but if you don’t have much knowledge about what type of pavement would look best then leave the matter to experts.


Decorate your patio in a way that its appeal is boosted. Use proper lighting, add elegant furniture and add big or small flowers and plants ingeniously according to the size of the patio. It’s a good idea to use some personal choice items to make your space unique and appealing.

You need to plan the whole decor before going to buy the very first furniture item. This will help you in two ways. Firstly, when you have planned everything, you have the list of the items you need to buy and then you can purchase them in one go. Secondly, this will help you keep yourself on budget.

Easy Access

You would not want to step out of your house and walk around the entire lawn to reach the patio because of its poor planning. To avoid such long and annoying walks, ensure that the patio you are planning to get has easy access from your house.

Proper Drainage System

A grassy lawn doesn’t require drains as the water is absorbed in the soil but when you have a patio in the lawn, having a proper drainage system is a must. If there is no drain hole in your patio, your decorative items and furniture can be put at risk, moreover, it also results in declining the look of your gorgeous patio.

Appearance in Winter

Although you would be using the outdoor space you’re planning on summer but it’s important to design the way that it looks charming in winter too. When you look towards it through your windows, it should give you relaxed feeling not the stress of cleaning everything up.

So, plan your outdoor space carefully and don’t forget to get the help of expert patio contractors for best results. LaGrass

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