Things you need to know about Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission is one of its most important functions, and so it can be a catastrophic situation should it fail. Transmission repairs can be complicated and costly, so it’s important to know what you’d do in that event.

So when your car’s transmission fails, a helpful search for transmission repair in Las Vegas should be number one on your to-do list. Here are the services you should be looking for.


In many cases – primarily in automatic cars, it may just be that your transmission is in need of resealing, rather than a full rebuild.

This is necessary when the transmission is no longer holding fluid the way it should, causing a minor problem. There are not usually any associated drivability issues and it’s a relatively easy repair.

Most professionals offering transmission repair in Las Vegas will be able to offer a reseal service, which will usually involve removing the transmission, replacing and servicing relevant components and allowing the transmission to retain fluid once again.

A good mechanic will also ensure your transmission is freshly filled with fluid, ready to go.

Transmission Rebuilds

In worse cases, you may be faced with the prospect of a full transmission rebuild. But not to worry, the professionals know what they’re required to do.

Professional rebuild services ensure your transmission is rebuilt ready to hit the road, whilst providing the quality you’d come to expect from a truly reputable service.

Most mechanics providing transmission repair in Las Vegas are trained in rebuilding components.

Clutch Repair or Replacement

Another key element of your car’s transmission is the clutch. With an automatic car, the entire transmission will usually need to be replaced. However, if you own a stick shift, it may just be the clutch that needs repair or replacement.

A trained mechanic will be able to spot any issues with your clutch, as well as repairing, replacing or adjusting its components.

The process is simpler than you might think. First, your mechanic will remove the transmission before inspecting it for damage or wear. It will then be reinstalled into your vehicle and filled with clean transmission fluid ready for use.

A reputable company will also provide a lift check to ensure all components have been fitted correctly and are not in need of further adjustment. A road test will also be done to make sure your car is fully engaged and ready for your next journey.

How can it help to know this in advance?

By knowing the process transmission repair in Las Vegas just in case, you’ll be well prepared in the event your car’s transmission fails. As you’ve already understood what you should be looking for in a repair service, it will be easier to work out the best deals and discover the best transmission repair in Las Vegas.

From considering the above as well as doing your research into local units that provide such services, finding the ideal transmission repair service in Las Vegas should be easier than ever.

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