Allergic Reactions – Common Symptoms In Kids

Understanding common allergy symptoms in kids is essential as they easily get allergies in any of the season. According to the ACAAI (American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology), nearly 50 million people are suffering from different kinds of allergies within America alone.

The allergies basically show up during the childhood or infancy. These allergies could act as a spoilsport in the child’s ability to perform different activities normally. There would be problem with sleeping, playing normally, or even performing some kind of functional activities in school.

Prevalence of skin allergic conditions due to food

This type of a scenario started to take place mostly during the time frame of 1997 and 2011. It mostly occurred in kids. The most common allergic condition is respiratory allergies that remained stable during that specific period. In fact, several skin symptoms could be seen among the little ones while the older kids would tend to wheeze and hack. Varying prevalence rate could be noticed with the passing of age. In fact, younger kids are more prone to skin allergies while those who have slightly grown up have a tendency to face respiratory allergic problems.

The scenarios when allergy prevails

During the allergic reaction, it is the immune system (considered to be overly sensitive) tries hard enough to defend against the normal substance, acting as it seems to be fighting off some kind of foreign invader. Such a scenario could take place due to exposure from some kind of pollen from trees and grasses, pet dander, or food substances. In fact, the offending substance or the allergen could trigger different types of reactions. It is recommended to keep a very watchful eye on the child during such critical scenarios.

Basic symptoms of allergy

Are you suspecting your child to have some allergic reactions? If so, then keep the kid under observation and notice whether swollen, red, itchy, or runny eyes are persisting beyond a couple of weeks. Similar situation goes for runny nose. Is the symptom chronic? Is there any kind of throat tingles or itches that the child is complaining about? Are they frequently scratching the ears? These types of symptoms indicate the chance of allergic reactions.

The kid may well be suffering from hay fever or some kind of allergic rhinitis. It is recommended to not the timing properly. When exactly are these symptoms occurring in the kid? You also need to check the skin of your kid for Eczema. They mainly show up as scaly, red, and dry patches with itching effect. If problems persist, head towards the allergy center Gaithersburg for proper treatment.

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