What Are The Things That Can Cause Roof Damage

The roof we have on our house is responsible for keeping us safe from bad weather conditions and other outside things. While providing necessary maintenance to our roofs is very important, it’s usually possible to overlook that. Some homeowners keep making this mistake until a big problem comes their way, and then they have to hire roof repair services during cold winter days.

If you don’t want this to happen to your roof, you should keep yourself well aware of the things that can cause problems for your house’s roof. So, some of the best things you can try are to keep your roof in pristine condition and safe from any significant issues. Here are some things that can cause severe damage to your roof. Roof inspection by a professional roofer is essential.

Branches Of Trees

If you have trees in your yard with branches hanging in the air and threatening to fall on your house’s roof, you should definitely get it cut off from the tree and hauled away from your property. It doesn’t take much pressure or weight on a tree’s branch to fall on your property and damage something.

You should keep inspecting the trees for any dangerous branches and hire a tree service to cut it off from the tree.


Certain types of birds, animals, and insects can also cause damage to your house’s roof. Woodpeckers and other preying birds and animals will come after the residing animals, and the situation will worsen over time.

Again, this can be prevented by regularly inspecting your roof and removing any nests or animal hiding locations. This can help avoid the wear and tear that will occur on the roof over time.

Fast Wind

The shingles on your roof can loosen up by fast wind blowing over your roof in bad weather conditions. This usually causes the shingles to lift up, and let the water run through your ceiling and even on your walls. So, always remember to check for stray shingles after heavy storms to see if the roof needs inspection and repair.

Snow In The Winter Season

While the winter season doesn’t cause many problems in certain areas, it certainly poses a threat to your roof if you live in an area with an extreme winter season filled with snow storms. Sudden drops in temperature can cause the melting snow to convert into ice, which can cause serious damage to your roof by seeping through small cracks. This is often one of the most common reasons why many roofs start to leak in the winter season.

Ultra Violet Rays

The lifespan of your roof can also be determined by the amount of UV rays falling on it on a regular basis. This causes the shingles to become dry over time. This is usually seen as an indication of aging in any roof. So, keep an eye for signs of drying shingles on your roof to know whenever your roof will need attention and maybe a repair by the roofing company Hudson.


Trees present in the surroundings of your house can cause a real issue of debris and foliage accumulating on the roof over time. Stacks of garbage and foliage can combine to cause the gutters to block, and this can lead to leaking of your roof if not treated properly.

A roof that stays moist all the time will certainly live for a short period of time as compared to a perfectly dry and well-maintained roof. So, always remember to regularly clean the foliage and debris from your roof to keep it in pristine condition. This will help you safeguard your investment.

Blocked Gutters

As mentioned in the last heading, blocked gutters can really present a big problem for your roof. The water usually dams up and pours onto the roof if the gutters are blocked due to foliage and debris buildup. This leakage of water can cause certain areas of your roof to start rotting over time, which definitely isn’t a good sign for you as a homeowner.

Hailstorms or Heavy Rain

The protective coating applied on your asphalt shingles can wear off if the shingles are exposed to heavy rain or a hailstorm. Removal of protective coating can make your shingles more prone to damage. So, inspect the shingles thoroughly after a heavy rain or hailstorm.


So, inspect your roof periodically and get the help of roof repair contractors if you see any issues.

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