Why Republicans are trying to cut early voting hours?

It might seem that Republicans are trying to cut early voting hours in order to gain advantage over Democrats at the polls. The results of 2016 gop presidential polls says a lot. In the last few weeks, many conservatives have attacked early voting hours, which coincides, with the report by Presidential Commission on Election Administration. The report suggests how elections can be improved, and one of the key agenda is to back early voting, which could be in person or through absentee ballots. Republicans do not endorse early voting because in recent times it has helped the Democrats. Also, absentee ballots mean a risk of fraud voters.

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Republicans are pushing a bill to shorten early voting hours so that they can benefit from the last year’s Supreme Court’s ruling on the Voting Rights Act (VRA). According to the ruling, VRA makes it easier for certain States to alter election rules which can hurt racial minorities. Many Americans depend on the local officials because they construct roads, monitor their schools, etc. VRA’s federal system kept a check on these changes. When this system was neutered by the Supreme Court’s decision, it meant that places with a history of racial discrimination also needed to present minor election modifications to the federal government before going into effect. Those effected can sue for discrimination, but it can be an expensive and time consuming affair. Also by the time the decision is made, the election might be over.

If every State creates a different voting period, the turnout will be less. Making certain provision for particular elections can also be confusing to the voters, especially less informed voters. It means taking away the voting rights of people because they do not know about the changes.

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Early voters mean they are stubborn and are likely to make uninformed decisions. Some Republicans believe that people will vote when they feel like or say when they come across a provocative advertisement. This will depend on how an individual feels at that point, rather than what the nation is feeling. Cutting back on early voting hours means selecting the best candidate by not allowing voters to make rash decisions, instead making choices based on their interest. It is seen that early voters are not only less undecided, but do have any interest in election campaigns.

Therefore, Republicans believe presidential polls 2016 should cast a vote on election day in order to prevent stubborn voters from making ignorant decisions.

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