Window Air Conditioner Repair – Take Care of Window AC Units the Right Way

To free yourself from costly air conditioner repair, it is a must that you take all proper steps for maintaining and looking after your window AC unit.

Remember the following tips for you to enjoy the service of your window air conditioning unit for a long time:

Clean and Replace Air Filter

Typically the most overlooked aspect of maintenance of AC is related to the air filter. This filter plays a crucial role in the function of your unit, and you need to either replace or clean it on a frequent basis. When the air system is impeded because of an old air filter, the whole system could suffer from significant system. It can cause serious function inefficiencies which you can avoid easily, specifically since it is very simple to change out an air filter. There are also units with air filters which can be cleaned then reused, and some are replaceable.

Clean and Inspect the Coils

Untended air filter could affect the condenser and evaporator coils so it makes it more important to make sure that you replace or clean the air filter regularly. Although you are diligent in cleaning or replacing the air filter of your unit, you still have to inspect both the condenser and evaporator coils for debris and dust at least once a year. To prevent impaired function of your air conditioner, the coils must be cleaned regularly with the use of brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner. You can remove the unit from the casing and put it outside for more thorough cleaning.

Look After the Coil Fins

These coil fins on an AC unit are usually bent easily, causing significant effect on the efficient function of the unit. Good thing that you can use a fin comb for easy restoration of the coil fins. The number of fins for every inch must match the teeth count of the fin com for the comb to be efficiently and easily restore these coil fins which will then restore the unit’s efficiency.

Prepare the Window AC Unit for Use or Storage

For those who are using the window AC unit on seasonal basis, and don’t want to go for AC repair manassas va, you must thoroughly inspect all parts of the unit before and after every season. Every routine maintenance must be conducted before storage, and again after the start of the seasonal use. Seals must be inspected to identify any gaps which can let the cool air leak from your unit.

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