All you want to know about ayurveda treatment for asthma

Ayurveda is the traditional system of medicines originated in India thousands of years ago. In ayurveda asthma is named as ‘Tamak Shwas’. Asthma patients in an asthma clinic, generally adopt themselves to live with the disease. Modern medicine has made it possible to control the attack and difficulties caused by asthma. The herbal treatment followed in ayurveda is very relevant in the modern days as it significantly increases the gap between consecutive attacks and the intensity of the attack.

Ayurveda procedures

In ayurveda asthma is commonly considered as the result of predominance of some of the ‘doshas’ in  human body.  According to ayurveda ‘doshas’ are some sorts of biological energies in human bodies. They are ‘kapha’, ‘vata’ and ‘pita’.  According to ayurveda, asthmais caused as a result of the changes in the  ‘kapha’ and ‘vata’ doshas. Some also consider another type of asthma related to the ‘pita’ dosha. The asthma doctorwho follows ayurveda treatment consults with the patient in detail and the medicines are decided based on the consultation and giving preference to the patient’s needs and interests. The ayurveda doctors in asthma clinic produce induced vomiting (vaman) in patients who have strong constitution.

For some others doctors administer induced purgation (virechan) as part of their treatment. In some cases patients are given smoke of various combinations of herbs for inhaling. If the patient is of week constitution, then they are given oral medications and medicated soups.  Some asthma doctor practicing ayurveda gives medicines like kanakasaav, yashtimadhuetc which are compounds made out of different decoctions obtained from herbals. Some physicians prescribe Mahanarayan( which contains asparagus recemosus) or oil with warm decoction of Yashtimadhu once in every 10 minutes till the asthma subsides.

Asthma as lung inflammation

In ayurveda asthma is considered to be caused as a result of chronic inflammation of the lungs. There are so many trigger factors which contribute to an acute asthma attack. So the treatment for asthma in ayurveda aims at controlling the lung inflammation and increasing the immunity of human body as a whole, lungs, nose, throat etc in particular. As per ayurveda treatment patients should have light meals in the evening. During the treatment period, the patient has to avoid trigger factors, fermented and refrigerated food etc. Use of ginger and garlic in the daily diet and drinking of warm water are advisable during the period of ayurveda treatment by asthma doctor md. In some patients it is seen that increase in acidity aggravates asthma. So your diet should be such that it does not contribute to the increase of your acidity.

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