Zeeland: Historic cities, villages and sandy beaches

Chances are you never heard of Zeeland. It is a holiday region in the Netherlands and who knows that small country by the sea? Dutch, incidentally the founders of New York, is not large. Zeeland is just one of the 12 counties and sparsely populated far beyond the industrial heart of Holland.

The capital Amsterdam is perhaps more famous than the Netherlands. The city of Rembrandt with its canals and sixteenth- and seventeenth-century houses is a huge tourist attraction. On the streets you hear the Americans, Japanese and Germans to name a few. Dutch people take for 1 or 2 hours by train for the day in Amsterdam. Where do Dutchmen enjoy their holidays? And where books Belgians and German guests of their hotel? This is often in the south, in Zeeland by the sea. This coastal region is the most popular holiday destination, thanks to water sports, its historic towns and villages and especially the wide sandy beaches.

On a one, two or three weeks’ vacation visitors still choose for a day in the city. That may be Amsterdam, but here in the South mast guest spend a day in historic Bruges or Ghent in Belgium. And if they stay in Zeeland itself they walk through places like Zierikzee, Middelburg or Veere to discover history.
Who flies land at Schiphol or Brussels, which is closer? With a rental car you will be respectively 2.5 or 1.5 hours at your hotel. Do not expect a towering building. No business hotel, but a hosts that is purely aimed at people who love a beach holiday. Zeeland hotels are spread across the province. This means that they are found on several former islands or peninsulas, because Zeeland is a delta region. It is formed by the mouth of the river Scheldt and the Rhine. The water is never far away. Hotel guests mainly enjoy the seaside so most accommodations are just behind the dunes, close to the beach. Almost always in a village, for there are no enormous cities on the waterfront.

As the most southwestern part of the Netherlands this part is bordering Belgium. Belgians visit Zeeland also on weekends and natives of Zeeland, in turn, shop across the border. The Zeeland sandy beach runs along the North Sea further south and also north of Zeeland you find popular beaches. Also Hotels in the North of Holland also popular because of the seaside. They also serve the residents of cities like Rotterdam and The Hague and therefore count more business hotels.

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