All you need to know about dental veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells made of porcelain in the color of the teeth and it is used to cover the damaged or discolored teeth and to give it a better appearance. They are used for restoring the color, size, shape etc of the teeth. Dentist use porcelain veneers to fix various tooth related problems like worn out-teeth, discolored teeth, broken teeth, uneven teeth etc.

Procedure for fixing dental veneer

If you have any of the teeth problems you will have to visit the hospital of cosmetic dentists. Explain to him the problem you are facing now and also your expectations about the treatment.   Three steps are included in the preparation of dental veneers. I am going to explain them one by one in this article.


The dentist you are visiting will examine your teeth, its structure and discuss with you the problems faced by you. He will study your medical history and decide what is to be done in your case. After studying your case he will explain the scope and limitations of the procedure he is going to adopt for clearing your dental problem.


Before making the veneer suitable for your teeth, he will have to adjust the shape of the tooth in such a way that the veneer can be comfortably attached to your teeth. He will shed a layer of your enamel for preparing room for the new veneer. About half a millimeter of the enamel will be removed. That much thickness will be provided for the veneer. At this stage, the cosmetic dentists you are consulting will decide whether anesthesia will be needed for numbing the area. After this the dentist will prepare a model of your teeth in a dental laboratory. It will take about one to two weeks for constructing the dental veneer required for you.


At this stage your cosmetic dentist will temporarily fix the veneer over the teeth and check whether its color or shape is exact.  It may take one or more trials to make the veneer attractive and good looking.  After completing the position, shape and color of the veneer, your dentist will make preparations for the installation.  For this your teeth will be subjected to polishing, etching cleaning etc for high bonding. After completing these procedures, the surgeon will apply light to the veneer so that the chemicals in the veneer hardened resulting in good bonding.

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