Arborist Services – 6 Spring Tree Care Tips

Just like all living beings, trees also need care and attention which makes them grow well and get healthy and nourished. What better time than springtime is for taking care of your trees? Once the blistering winters and celebration season is over, your trees will finally wake up after their solemn hibernation. Hire an arborist service for tree care or take these steps to do it yourself.


Just as you clean and declutter your homes in the springtime, your trees also need cleaning. A lot of debris, fallen leaves, decorations, twigs, fruits and small and dead branches. Take a rake and remove all the debris because if this is not removed then it may become a cause of fungal issues and a breeding ground for other bacteria and problems.


While cleaning you need to inspect your tree well and closely. Look for signs of any pests or diseases. Pests and diseases may destroy and cause stress to your tree and also kill the tree so before the pests double up, you should remove the infested branches or call in an expert arborist for the task. Small insects such as caterpillars can be removed easily but for other pests, you need to take safety precautions as they might be dangerous.

Other than that check your shrubs, branches and leaves for any damage or distress. Snow, sleet and the cold weather takes a toll on the health of your trees. Carefully remove dead branches so that new leaves and branches can grow and strive well.


Mulching is to provide nutrients to the tree. Mulch helps to remove weeds from the trees and ground and also retains the moisture content for the trees. The proper way to mulch is to form a doughnut shape around the tree. Placing mulch too close to the tree trunk will not cause it to retain moisture. A doughnut shape will help to retain all the nutrients which will penetrate inside the roots in the ground. When mulching for older trees then make the doughnut shape a little big as the roots of the older trees are spread out wide and far while when mulching for younger or smaller trees place the mulch a little closer to the trunk because the roots are not spread that much in the ground.


Tree pruning is very necessary for your trees. Pruning means to trim or cut dead branches. This encourages new and healthy growth of your trees. When the nutrients travel to the dead or dormant branches then it is of no use as the dead branch cannot come back to life but when it is cut then the nutrients will cause new growth. The damaged and diseased branches should also be pruned so the disease does not spread to other areas.


Spring time is the perfect time for watering your trees. The soil has been thawed after the winter season and new growth is beginning to sprout so watering your trees will cause it to flourish and also encourage growth of new leaves and new shoots.


The most important step is fertilization of your trees. This should be your permanent annual routine. Ask an arborist for the best fertilizer for your trees which will boost and encourage healthy growth and it will be able to sustain well in harsh conditions. A slow release fertilizer is the best as it will better absorb nutrients and be more resilient towards damage, stress, weather conditions and diseases.

Maintaining and taking care of your trees is essential for its survival all year round. But giving it extra care in the initial spring season is important as it was asleep for the past winter season. Take care of your trees so they blossom healthy and fine. If you are busy or don’t want to care for the trees, you can hire an arborist.

When finding an arborist, make sure you are hiring an ISA certified tree expert. Moreover, never rely on the words of only one tree service, which is why we recommend everybody to get quotes from more than one tree services Montgomery County to have a better idea of the market rate. Lastly, never hire people who go door to door requesting to hire them for tree care.

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