Basketball: How to avoid foot and ankle injuries during the game

It is 100% percent true that no other sport requires more from a player’s feet and ankles than Basketball. Each and every movement on the basketball court began with the player’s feet and involves ankle movement. That is why special basketball training is provided to the players. The sudden twists, running, stopping, side by side cutting, jumping, landing, and sudden acceleration in direction changing are a perfect storm for possible injuries.

Preventing Basketball Injuries

It does not matter, it’s a neighborhood match or an NBA title match, if not played cautiously injuries are likely to happen. Basketball injuries are basically classified into two categories: overuse injuries and traumatic injuries.

Overuse injuries are those which are caused due to stress on a particular part of the body. Injuries like jumper’s knee, Achilles tendinitis and shoulder injuries are categorized as overuse injuries. While the sudden injuries like ankle sprain, fractures are traumatic basketball injuries. These injuries will not only keep you away from basketball for some days, but also give an unbearable pain. And if not treated properly, you will not be able to play basketball for the rest of your life.

Ways to prevent basketball injuries

It is possible to avoid basketball injuries with cautions, precautions and focus. The finest way of preventing feet and ankle injuries is wearing branded basketball shoes. Nowadays, basketball shoes come with padding and athletic tape which can prevent a lot of injuries. At least, when you attain basketball practice session wear proper shoes, so that your ankle twist do not turn into a fracture! Along with shoes, wear basketball protection gears like mouth guard. You should take advice from physiotherapist regarding wearing bracing and spectacles.

Basketball requires attention, when you lose attention; you don’t just lose the game but invite injuries too. Out of focus mind, makes you move recklessly and you do not realize when you fall. Play game only if your body and mind is 100 % ready for it.

One of the best ways of preventing basketball injuries is stretching prior to practice. Stretching will warm-up your body and your body will get prepared for further practice or game. Also, check the playing environment.

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