Read this before you think about basement finishing

The basement is the most forgotten alcove of the house. People generally forget to include a basement even in their home improvement project. That is why basements are often referred as a dungeon! Well, it is possible to utilize that forgotten space as bonus room. The lowest story of your home perhaps has loads of potential. You just need to change your point of view for this room. Treat it like other rooms above ground, and it will become the busiest spot of your home.

How to Create a Perfect Basement

Basement can be more than storeroom. Basements can be purposely finished to get append into the living area. You can use it as a lounge, entertainment room or personal room. A basement could actually have multiple applications, if finished properly.

Basement finishing

Where to begin basement finishing work? This is probably the most complicated thing about basement finishing. Think about what kind of room you need? What do you want from your basement space? And how much money are you ready to spend for basement finishing?

After deciding utility of your new basement, think about already existing stuffs of your basement. You cannot keep old and useless stuffs in your new basement. Actually, you can keep old storage stuffs of your basement into it, by accruing all stuffs in a small alcove and selling or giving away totally useless things.

The biggest challenge you will face while finishing your basement is the presence of moisture. Humidity and moisture are the number one problems of almost every basement, but it does not mean that you cannot get rid of them. By rolling the masonry Waterproofer inside of the foundation walls and keeping dehumidifier running, you can eliminate basement moisture.

After solving basic problems of your basement, it is time to execute your basement finishing plan. Start with flooring, then painting, then furniture, then decorations, and your basement will be ready. Nobody ever said that basement finishing is an easy work. It is not a DIY project which can be handled alone. You will need several helping hands and if you are not willing to handle it on your own, hire a basement finishing contractor.

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