Benefits of quartz worktops

Quartz worktops have become the most popular worktop in the recent years due to a number of factors. People who have already used one will be able to understand why they have become very popular. In this article, I am trying to find out the reasons for its immense popularity. I am also trying to explore whether there exists any alternatives to the quartz worktop and if so what are they?

Know about quartz worktops

The most important peculiarity of quarts which makes it the most preferred material for worktops is its hardness and durability. Quartz is a man made material with hardness almost equal to diamond, the hardest material on earth. It is not toughness alone that makes it so much attractive and close to heart of thousands of   house owners and quartz countertops fabricator.  Its visual appearance is so captivating and this is the next important aspect that makes it acceptable and most popular. 93 % of quartz is made of quartz crystals and the remaining 7 % consists of resins and other bonding agents used to bind the crystals together and form the material. In some cases the pigments used to add desired color comes under this 7 % of the quartz constituents.  These pigments add color without reducing its natural looks.

The metal flakes embedded in quartz gives a stunning effect when light falls on them and it increases the overall look of the kitchen. The mirror flecks included during the manufacturing process of quartz give its surface high reflective property and light is caught in various manners giving the finished product a dazzling look. So in view of the above mentioned benefits like durability, versatility and visual appearance quartz worktops will always become the topper in this field. Now let us consider whether there are any alternative to this wonderful worktop material.

Alternatives to quartz worktop

Granite worktops: There are granite worktops which offer similar characteristics of a quartz worktop at a lesser cost. The main characteristics of granite worktops are natural surface, and comparable hardness and durability.

Stainless steel: This is another material which also has somewhat comparable similarities. Stainless steel worktops are usually used in homes. The most important alternative for quartz is Corian worktop.

Corian: Corian is not a natural material but has advantages like durability, versatility, appealing appearance etc. it is the most versatile material available for worktops. It can be easily cut, and molded. It is possible to vacuum forming which means any type of design can be made easily. Another benefit is that they can be built based on three dimensional designs. It will be a wonderful experience to have cooling racks, mixing bowl, splash back etc built-in with a worktop. Another advantage is that Corian is available in a wide range of colors than any other material used for worktops. Already 70 three-dimensional patterns are available and new ones are still emerging out.

So what will be your selection in view of what I have stated above? Will you go for quartz or would you go for Corian. You should discuss about it with the countertop contractor Rockville.

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